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  1. F

    Heat-n-Glo Tiara II

    We have a heat n glo tiara 2 that hasn’t had any issues in the past. Yesterday I noticed the pilot light was staying on instead of completely shutting off when not running. It was still doing that this morning so I shut everything down and now the pilot won’t light at all. It clicks and sparks...
  2. T

    I got ripped off, didn’t I?

    Hey there! I have a 1906 home that has three old coal burning fireplaces. They’ve been closed up for a long time, but we wanted to convert one to a vented gas log fireplace and hired a local guy who assured us he was licensed and insured and has been in the business for years. He was courteous...
  3. M

    Paint peeling from fireplace patch

    We're converting to gas and so I had my fireplace inspected. The gentleman patched a couple of spots in the fireplace with a grey unknown to me product. We have since painted it with black high heat oil paint. The paint did not adhere to the patched area. Thought I would come here because I'm...
  4. E

    Heatilator GCDC42L replacement

    I have a GCDC42L that was installed in ‘98 (~23 years). Worked great all last winter. I keep the pilot on year round. I started testing it about a month ago and noticed that I had to flip the switch a couple of times to get it to fire. I figured the gas valve was sticky from disuse. Anyway, it...
  5. D

    Debating on two types of gas inserts

    We are looking to have a gas insert put in to our basic wood fireplace. We have two very similar quotes from two different companies, with two different gas inserts. The inserts by name are Enviro E30 and Kozy Heat Chaska 29. Couple things that might help with opinions. Our room seems to be a...
  6. R

    Gas Supply Fluctuations at Certain Times of Day

    Hi All, I have a Heat & Glo 'Escape' gas insert. I'm generally happy with it. On certain days, for periods of the day, the pilot light will go off, but not long enough for the electric ignition to need to click and start it again. It goes off, and then with a little 'poof' it goes back on...
  7. D

    Questions: Converting Old Temco See-Thru Fireplace from Wood to Gas (Propane)

    Hello - My house was built 25 years ago and has a Temco see-thru fireplace. According to the metal tag inside the fireplace, it appears to be Temco Model #: TBST-42-1. The metal tag (attached here) states it can be used for wood or gas and has a gas line hole in the side. Temco is out of...
  8. O

    Anyone feedback on a Woodstock Ben Franklin?

    They are on sale right now and was wondering if anyone here was using one? It’s cold in here! My house is shaped like a T. I have a coal stove in the basement of the top of the T but am thinking about adding a gas stove to the first floor of the bottom of the T. The stove would run pretty...
  9. C

    Gas conversion for Vermont Casting

    Good afternoon! I am new to this forum and have a question about my gas stove. I recently acquired a Vermont Casting 2600 Radiance with a propane set up. I have natural gas in my house and would like to convert the stove. I have been seeing a lot of posts that there is no conversion kits...
  10. IzzyW

    Jotul vs Lopi vs Valor vs ??

    We are looking to replace our old wood-burning stove (it came with the house we bought last year) with a new gas stove. But, admittedly, we are flying blind in this search. Shopping for a gas stove seems unlike any other purchase process I can recall. I can’t find reviews, have to go through...
  11. R

    Is it vented or ventless?

    I recently purchased a home and to my delight it has a fireplace. I'm having a hard time figuring out if its safe to burn, let me explain why. The fireplace has a chimney chute, but the door on the chute looks to be welded shut. Which would make you think it must be ventless, but the logs are...
  12. ljarrett

    Cannot get fireplace to ignite

    Hello all! Just purchased our first home, there is an Heatilator GNRC33 Gas fireplace, which for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get the main ignition going. I have the pilot light on, however this wall switch is something I've never seen. I've attached images. (Hard to see, but...
  13. T

    Remodeling 1950s gas fireplace with heatilator

    Hey guys! New homeowner here in the fine state of Michigan. I've got a gas, all metal, wood fireplace converted before I bought the home. I was told the fireplace hadn't been used in 10 years so an inspector was brought in and all the lines, chimney and everything was tested and determined to be...
  14. L

    New Installation

    We finished our basement with a gas rough-in for a future fireplace. It is clear to me that I will need to have a frame built before an authorized dealer will install. 1. Who should I contact to properly build the frame? A builder? 2. What all will the fireplace dealer install? What will they...
  15. C

    Jotul sparks, doesn't light pilot

    Like my thread says, my free standing GF370DV igniter will spark and not light. Yesterday I turned it on and off 6 times and the pilot never lit. I took the glass off, put a wire in the pilot 'gas ports' , put the glass back and it lit. When running it always lights and runs fine. Today, same...
  16. M

    Can I convert VC Wood burning stove to vented gas?

    May be I am crazy, but I love my 1980 VC stove. My city does not allow a wood burning stove. I can replace the entire stove with a new gas burning stove. Before I give up my beloved VC, I wanted to see if there is a way to to put a gas burner in my stove. Am I smoking something? Has anyone ever...
  17. G

    Direct Vent Gas Log Insert V/S the Wind

    We had a new fireplace built with a direct vent gas log insert installed. It vents straight out the back of the house. The problem is that it is on the windy side of the house. Every time the wind blows the flames grow big and blue then go out. I had a guy come in to look at it and he said its...
  18. I

    Am I being Lied To?

    Hello, I purchased a home in July of this year. It was originally built in 1900 and was completely renovated before coming to my hands. One of the conditions in the agreement of purchase and sale was that the gas fireplace insert in the wood burning chimney would be operational by close. It...
  19. N

    help, gas fireplace cycles on and off a few times before burning steadily

    I have a Lennox MPD3530CNE built-in natural gas fireplace in a home into which I recently moved. It was working fine until recently. Recently I opened it up to clean the glass and vacuum up some dust. I put the fake logs and synthetic ember material back in place and closed the glass back up...
  20. F

    Converting Wood to Gas/Heat & Glo Recommendations

    We are looking at converting our wood burning fireplace over to gas. We have looked at the direct vent gas inserts and fireplaces by Heat & Glo. What would be the better way to go, Heat & Glo Direct Vent Gas Inserts or the Heat and Glo Direct Vent 6000CLX?
  21. K

    Caddy wood add-on furnace help

    Hey all, We just bought a house in a colder climate and the heating system is a gas furnace with a Caddy add-on wood burning furnace. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so was hoping y'all could assist me in getting this running properly. I've started fires the past three days...
  22. R

    maybe replacing Lopi Patriot and wondering about combination wood/gas stove

    Hi I own a Lopi Patriot that we had installed in a fireplace that we have since removed for seismic reasons and am now building an alcove for it. The Patriot is not the best alcove stove out there. I was thinking last night that since I may end up changing out the patriot that I have, I should...
  23. T

    Needing advice on outdoor fireplace options!

    I am new to this site. We are planning to install an outdoor two sided fireplace as a 10 foot long separation between our patio and porch. I am looking for suggestions. Ideally I’d like it to heat and blow air on both sides but I don’t know if that is possible. Bonus points for a pretty one!
  24. H

    Gas Fire Advice

    Hi all, I need a little advice on modern gas fireplaces. I am building a new chalet and have decided to go down the natural gas fireplace route. I would like a contemporary minimal looking long, low and possibly open on front and back. I am not interested in the heat output as it is purely for...
  25. N

    Help identifying gas fireplace

    We recently bought a house with a gas direct vent fireplace. The plate with the info on brand and serial number is missing and when turning it on and having the gas company look at it we discovered there's a small leak where the pilot tubing hooks to the control because it doesn't have the...
  26. G

    Older Style Heatilitor

    Hello All, I just bought a house with 2 fireplaces. 1 is in the basement and appears to be a wood burning fireplace with a brick firebox. The other is in between two living rooms and passes between them. This fireplace seems to be a gas heatilator fireplace. Both sides have vents above the...
  27. L

    Thoughts on the Earth Stove GL40?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a used Earth Stove GL40 if it looks as good in actuality as it does on the sale page. Price: $495 I understand that the brand has been bought out by Lennox. Can anyone provide some general insight into the relative quality of an Earth Stove GL40? Good? Bad? Jump...
  28. B

    Gas Insert Repeated Blower Problem

    Greetings! We purchased a new Xtrordinair gas fireplace insert (don't have exact mod # but it is very similar to this model from "Company A" in April 2001. We run the unit off and on for approximately 6 months of the...
  29. H

    Antique gas cookstove (Glenwood Duplex) with an oven problem

    My problem is with an 82-year-old Glenwood Duplex, a great old hunk of cast iron, which ran for years on natural gas and has been converted to propane. The top burners are OK. The oven has two speeds: high when it's working to reach temperature and low when it's just maintaining temp. At high...
  30. C

    Old, shallow, fireplace

    Hello, all! We recently moved into a 100 year old house that has a shallow existing gas fireplace with an unusable vented gas insert. The space is about 11.5" deep. After inspections by both chimney experts and a plumber, the options are a) rebuild the fireplace or b) find an insert shallow...