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  1. P

    Jotul F400 - What color is this stove?

    Hello, I acquired this 2007 Jotul F400 a couple months ago. The plan is to replace the 1985 Lopi 320 (I think?) in my 900+ sqft unfinished basement in order to cut down on wood usage and to generally “right size” the heater. I think the Lopi was meant to provide heat to the first floor but...
  2. ISimion

    Can anyone please help in identifying this Jøtul?

    Hi, I have this beautiful Jøtul (see pictures attached). However, all I can identify written on it are its place of fabrication (Norway), the serial number KAT NR 101856, the model I think is PEIS I8 DEL 22, and what I think to be the fabrication date 12-8-85. Can anyone confirm this for me...
  3. P

    Suggestions for small space gas heat Lopi vs. Jotul

    Hi! Thanks for any help you can give me! I currently heat my home with a natural gas furnace or a lopi 1750i insert. However, I have an addition that did not get heat put in it, sadly and unfortunately. I have been using electric, but it has been so expensive, not to mention unsafe feeling. When...
  4. S

    catalytic vs non-catalytic: Blaze King, Pacific Energy, or Jotul

    Hi, I know this topic has been discussed at length but I'm still undecided. I have a three story above grade home with a woodstove on the second story (oil furnace heats first floor). I currently burn an older Osburn that needs replacing. My chimney is 90 degree through wall and then another 90...
  5. M

    Help ID old ivory Jotul stove?

    I traded my pellet stove for this beautiful Jotul on Marketplace - for outages (Same guys took my Englander pellet stove and returned with this Jotul in exchange) - which we have from time to time in the mountains! I cannot find any pics of info online. The local dealer brushed my inquiry...
  6. orri

    3TDIC-2AP Top Baffle Warped?

    My top baffle fell down and after staring at diagrams for a long time, it seems like it was installed incorrectly when we bought the house and has also been severely warped. Based on the picture here, it looks like it should be straight...
  7. S

    Jotul Nr 1 (Non UL version) hearth

    I am putting in a Jotul Number 1 stove in front of an existing wood burning fireplace. I want to put down a piece of soapstone for the hearth. The existing flooring is 3/4” oak over plywood subfloor. Since this stove is the non UL version that doesn’t have an insulated floor in the stove, I am...
  8. Justin3356

    Trouble with flame height, Jotul GF 160 DV

    I recently purchased a Jotul GF 160 DV, on LP gas service. The stove is pictured below. The stove is functioning and heating the room. But, the flames are extremely small and almost entirely blue, with the exception of one or two flames. Linked here is a video of the stove operating at the...
  9. P

    Stove selection experiences (Lopi vs Jotul)

    New member, but long time lurker. I’m in the process of selecting a new stove to replace a 15yo Hearthstone Bennington. The stove has started to leak in a couple spots and I was unable to disassemble to replace gaskets. Love the looks and performance, but disappointed by the failure. The stove...
  10. M

    Install advice - multiple flues (?) and clearances for freestanding wood stove in existing fireplace

    Long time forum reader here, love this community and resource! My wife and I are looking to install a freestanding wood stove in an existing fireplace. Our house is 120 y.o., four square layout, 2400 ft located in western mass. The fireplace is original to the house, centrally located and on the...
  11. M

    Proflame 2 Remote Error Code

    Hi all! I have a Jotul gas fireplace with the SIT Proflame 2 remote. I recently had to change out the batteries in the remote. The remote is working as normal and has all its functions but when I turn the fireplace off, there is a "Er9" on the screen display under the temperature reading. Has...
  12. M

    Jotul 603

    Hello folks, new to the forum but not stoving. Locally there is a Jotul 603 color green for sale, the photos show it in very good condition with a casting date of 1973. I have searched and failed to find any info on this variant. Anyone have information on this model, rarity and value?
  13. L

    Jotul F305 Damage

    Hi, Cleaning out the stove we noticed this damage on the bottom towards the front. It’s like a chunk of metal has broken off. Has anyone had anything like this? I’m wondering if we could have burned too hot or how this could have happened and if the stove is still safe. It’s less than a couple...
  14. Theroge

    Radiant heat vs convection for heating home

    Hello! As many other first time posters I have lurked on this forum for all things woodstove/wood/heat for the past few months as I navigate our new Maine home. We current live in a 2,400sq foot home with forced hot air traditionally but there was an older Kent Tile fire that was in great...
  15. N

    F500 Oslo v3 side loading door whistling

    Side door seems to be producing slight whistling noise, has anyone else experienced this and does it indicate a poor gasket seal / air leak?
  16. R

    New Alcove installation for Jotul F 45 V2 Greenville

    Hi, just sharing my new alcove stove installation. I want to thank everyone who contributes here. I've lurked for years and gleaned quite a bit of information that helped me with planning and implementation. We're really enjoying wood heat again. We used to have a wood stove years ago when...
  17. R

    Confounding Jotul GF370 Problem

    Hi, I have several Jotul gas stoves in my own house and at rental properties. I mostly love them but recently I am utterly stumped by a remote control problem and can't find any real customer support from the dealers or Jotul directly. I have a GF370 DV II converted to LP. We have always...
  18. Jdrab

    Jotul f100 top baffle

    Hi everyone! I haven’t been active here to several years since since moving to a house that too difficult to install a stove. We’ve build another house with a stove in mind and finally got my coveted Jotul. It’s a small one, the F100. I bought it used and was curious about the top baffle...
  19. A

    Jotul F45 Greenville EPA 2020 stove burning hot

    I’ve setup my new EPA 2020 Jotul F45 Greenville and have burned it for a little over a week now. I don’t feel as if I have control over it and it’s hard to turn down the fire and control the temperature. I am wondering if it’s burning too hot and I am getting an over fire. I have 17’ of pipe...
  20. G

    Side door latch on Jotul Oslo 500 v. 2

    Hello, We have owned our Jotul Oslo now for 3 seasons. The unit was installed new right before the new version 3 model came out. Towards the last burn season we noticed that the side door handle was becoming more difficult to close. We no longer get that spring loaded feel like you get from the...
  21. T

    Newbie: choosing a stove model for fireplace install in GA -- considering Jotul F3CB

    Hi all, I've been lurking a long time and looking for stoves for sale for almost a year now. I'll give as many details as seem relevant; thank you in advance for reading and responding <3 We're in NE Georgia (not mountains) in a ~3000sqft 1960s home. It's fairly rare for temps to get below...
  22. WarmerWithWood

    Jotul Elg with Heat Exchanger - Model 120

    Located in SW Michigan - Jotul Elg - Model 121 with heat exchanger. Rare find with a heat exchanger! Stove in good condition - needs side baffles and top baffle. They were replaced once and harder to find now. We upgraded to a new PH. Loved the Moose - beautiful and heated our home well...
  23. R

    Advice on pending Jotul F45 Greenville Alcove Installation

    We took out an old non-venting propane fireplace to be replaced with a Jotul F45 Greenville. I have a professional installing the stove itself, but I'm building out the alcove myself to receive the stove later this month. I'm hoping for some input and validation on my ideas on this...
  24. K

    Jotul 118

    Hi, we have a beautiful Jotul 118 with a relief forest/moose scene. The side panel has cracked straight through the moose and we can see flames when it’s lit! We were wondering about replacing the side panel but our local shop said you can’t order parts anymore. Should we try to fix it or move...
  25. L

    what do I have?

    I purchased this stove a few years ago and would like to know what it is. When I bought it the seller told me it was a Bradford wood stove. Recently I did a visual search and the name Jotul came up. The plate on the back was painted over so I couldn't read it. Can someone tell me exactly what...
  26. P

    Replacing wood stove -- sizing

    I am preparing to replace a 1980s era wood stove (original to the house) and am having difficulty comparing heat output ratings from different manufactures. The current stove is a Federal Airtight (Dutchwest India LTD) model FA264CCL which is appropriately sized to the house. The house itself...
  27. M

    Help and advice needed please - Jotul Firelight CB

    Hello I am clearing out my dads garage and he has this wood burner. It has Firelight CB on the back but there seems to be so many different models and conflicting information when I have searched online. Could anyone please help me with an exact model and approx. value to sell as it is for a...
  28. K

    Scandia 100 worth like new?

    So my parents bought a Scandia 100 wood stove a long time ago. It has been in storage and never used. It’s a beautiful stove and we were going to use it but decided to go with something else that takes longer wood pieces. I know it’s a scandalous knockoff of Jotul and for seasoned wood burners...
  29. N

    Final Decision (indecision!) between Jotul F55, Hearthstone Shelburne or Manchester, and Woodstock Ideal Steel

    Hi Folks! Coming in for a landing on a final decision about my stove purchase :). Based on all the feedback on this forum I think I'm going to stay away from the F500 Oslo v3. I don't really want to spend that much money on a new stove and potentially have to do things like plug the ashpan...
  30. B

    Jotul C450 problems

    Greetings, long time lurker never posted. I use a outdoor boiler for heat so this issue is not pressing. I'm looking for advice on my jotul c450 kennebec insert. My insert has had this awful rattle since week 1. It was installed by my local dealer.. My blower bearings are good. Has been changed...