1. IzzyW

    Jotul vs Lopi vs Valor vs ??

    We are looking to replace our old wood-burning stove (it came with the house we bought last year) with a new gas stove. But, admittedly, we are flying blind in this search. Shopping for a gas stove seems unlike any other purchase process I can recall. I can’t find reviews, have to go through...
  2. K

    Correct stove sizing for irregular layout in a small house

    Looking for advice on woodstove sizing given a non-traditional layout. I apologize in advance for the long post. Our house is 1100sq ft and well insulated. We are putting a woodstove in the living room. Our living room is long and narrow, 13ft wide x20ft deep. At the back of the living room is...
  3. C

    Would a Jotul 118CB Black Bear external heat shield fit an older Jotul 118B

    I'm interested in knowing if the Jotul 118 CB part # 320099 would fit the 118B, even though it is designed for the Black Bear model. Does anyone have experience with these? Would it do much to dampen the intensity of the radiant heat from the cast iron? I'm certain the 118B I have is an...
  4. T

    Taiwan Stove ID

    Hello, I'm looking to ID this stove. The back says Taiwan, but there are no other markings. I can see where a plate was previously attached but it is now gone. Seems to bee a Jotul Knock off, but I don't believe it is a Scandia / Franklin. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. M

    Wood stove for fireplace installation - questions before purchase

    Last winter our sweep cautioned us against using our fireplace as an open hearth due to cracked tiles and lack of parging. After lots of reading, debates over wood v. pellet v. gas, and visits to the stove dealer we are close to making the final decision to purchase a wood stove which will sit...
  6. E

    Jotul 602 standard - mod air intake for building regs

    Hi, I am near completion on my self-build house. Looking at stoves and always loved the old style Jotul's so it was really great that my partners father had one in his shed and she findly remembers this one keeping her house warm growing up. An added bonus may be financial in that a new up to...
  7. B

    Jøtul not staying on set temperature

    I have a jøtul gf 305 with a profane 2 transmitter. It was working fine until a few days ago when it stopped keeping the set point temperature. It will heat the room to the temp but once it dips below that temp, won’t heat up again. Batteries look fine and the remote is set to Smart, so it...
  8. K

    Help on Used Jotul F 500

    Hello everyone Looking for some advice on a used 2015 Jotul F 500 stove that someone is selling locally. It's a 3-hour drive and I have to rely on photos and the seller description. I have limited knowledge of what to look out for when buying used. I would love to hear from someone here if...
  9. Jordan

    Update: Stove install - Jotul 404

    Thanks for everyone’s input and posting on this site. Truly the best source for my install. Here are some photos to share and hopefully aid someone else in the future. Stove is a Jotul 404. Rear Through wall install and then through soffit. Required custom brackets on exterior. Roof...
  10. T

    Smell of campfire in upstairs room where chimney runs through and out the roof when stove is not burning

    I am in my second year of my Jotul F400 and metalsbestos chimney (both were purchased used). Everything started off great this year but now I have a couple issues. 1. My woodstove is not running as hot as it was last year and when I put in a new log it emits smoke into the room where it didn't...
  11. M

    Is My F400 Broken?

    I have a Jotul F400 Castine that came with my house. This is my first experience with wood as a primary heat source. Here is my question. I have seen a lot of people talk about controlling the temp by adjusting the air. My stove doesn’t seem to respond to this. I can have the air wide open or...
  12. T

    Jotul 100 (j100)

    I have a Jotul 100 circa 1980-1992. This model has a rotary ignitor and the knob broke of with part of the shaft. The stove still functions and I would hate to replace it but it is extremely hard to start. Currently I have to push it down with a small flat head screwdriver and turn it to get the...
  13. V

    Is this the right place to ask for sanity check on Jotul F 55 Install Price?

    It seems wood stove prices are one of those things they like to obscure online, so I thought I'd ask here. Bought a new 2,500 sq ft home on 10 wooded acres. There is an old (cracked on both sides from overfiring according to the chimney inspector we had come out) wood stove on a spacious stone...
  14. V

    Jotul 300 - Backup Battery Pack Drained in 3 days

    Hi everyone, I have a Jotul GF 300 DV IPI. It is brand new from 2016. Recently a beeping red light on the control panel (IFC Board) came on, indicating the batteries in the back up battery pack were low. When the red light is on, I am unable to light the pilot. 1. I unplugged the plug from...
  15. K

    Cabin Expansion - Stove to Fireplace?

    Hi all! What a great forum! We live just inland from Lake Superior in a very snowy microclimate. My wife and I with our 4 kids live in a cabin originally built as a 1bd/1ba, and after 3 years are expanding it into a still relatively modest 4bd/3ba home. Currently we heat using radiant in the...
  16. H

    Jotul 602 125 mm to 6" Duravent connection. Please Help

    Hello, I'm trying to attach my Jotul 602 wood stove with a 6" double wall duravent chimney. I have a 4.5" 125mm opening from the stove and a 6" chimney pipe with the 6DT-FC adaptor in it. I can't find a 125mm to 6" adapter that seems like it will fit into the 6DT-FC piece. Help? -Nathan
  17. J

    Jotul Allagash Won't Stay Lit

    I had a Jotul Allagash installed in Feb 2018. Worked fine that winter, but I've been having problems with the unit since this fall, namely that it won't stay lit if it is not in regular use. The fireplace is at a weekend house. If we go more than a week or so without turning it on, the unit will...
  18. S

    Need help choosing Jotul F45, Craftsbury, or VC Aspen for my small fireplace with robust mantel

    We are redoing the fireplace in our 100 year old bungalow. Tasks are: 1. Replace mantel with period antique mantel made from beautiful quartersawn white oak. The mantle has hollow columns that need to be filled with something.. my thought was brick that works as hearth / shield (see pics) 2...
  19. S

    Jotul GF 400 IPI in Black (BP) or Blue/Black (BBE)

    Hi! Looking for some help in seeing photos of the Blue/Black vs Black Jotul gas stoves. I know several models are offered in the blue/black color so could be a 300 Allagash, etc.(which I may be considering vs. the Sebago) if you have a photo. At my local dealers I have not been able to locate...
  20. R

    dialing in Jotul stove size for 27' Yurt in Driftless Area, Wisconsin

    Seeking wisdom from my wood burning elders... I am building a 27-ft insulated yurt in Driftless area of Western Wisconsin. We plan to use this off-grid yurt as a 4-season family cabin. Been researching lots of stove options for this cold climate where we had a few days down below -30F this...
  21. C

    Jotul sparks, doesn't light pilot

    Like my thread says, my free standing GF370DV igniter will spark and not light. Yesterday I turned it on and off 6 times and the pilot never lit. I took the glass off, put a wire in the pilot 'gas ports' , put the glass back and it lit. When running it always lights and runs fine. Today, same...
  22. C

    smoke and smell from Jotul Kennebec c450

    Hey folks. We moved into a house with a Jotul Kennebec c450 insert. It looks great and I feel like we should love it but I just haven't been able to figure out how to use it without smoking out the house and my wife is ready to rip it out and replace it with gas logs. My 2 year old woke up with...
  23. S

    Refurbishing Jotul Alpha (1989)

    I recently came into possession of a Jotul Alpha manufactured in 1989. The idea is to eventually use this to heat my detached two car garage workshop. I have had zero experience with woodstoves so I am learning as I go. The stove appears to have the majority of parts aside from a hinge pin...
  24. Ridgewood

    Jotul cf550 Installed

    After 8 years of wanting to buy a wood stove, but not being able to because we were renting - the moment I bought my own house we started the process. 5 months later - the Jotul cf550 is installed. This community has been amazing source of information to get me here -- thank you all! Photos...
  25. E

    do I need a damper for this Jotul Castine?

    have had this Jotul for at least 15 years. Never thought to put a damper on it. The installer never mentioned it. What did I know? :) Should I add one? Is this a DIY process? I would need to remove and replace a section of pipe, correct?
  26. Garraty47

    Replacing old Franklin with Hampton H300 vs Lopi Rockport vs Jotul F400

    Hi all, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I’d like to thank everyone on this forum for sharing your insights and experience with the community. This site has provided a lot of information, education, and inspiration. I would appreciate hearing your opinions about these three stoves as...
  27. G

    New wood stove quandary

    I'm looking at replacing my aged wood stove with a more modern, efficient model. I'm interested in a free standing hearth mounted stove that will be used as a primary heat source during the winter. Long burn times are key, (we get up several times a night with our current machine), and a...
  28. J

    Jotul 602 top baffle location?

    hi, I have acquired a 602, not sure which model, but has the solid metal door with the circular vent. Cleaned up, removed and retapped several screws. My question: The top baffle location is shown in the spec drawings I have found online - cupped side down and against back wall - with the...
  29. otsegony

    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but this is a complex issue. A bit of background: We live in upstate NY in a 2000 sq. ft. house built in 2003 that is very well insulated. When we originally built the house it was designed to have an internal wood boiler to supply hot water to the radiant heat...
  30. A

    Which stove to buy?

    hi, I’m brand new here but I’ve read a lot of reviews and advice so I thought I’d ask for educated opinions here. Thanks in advance! I’m in southern Ontario. We have small bungalow (920 sq feet main floor and 920 sq feet finished basement. We want a stove in our basement which would be only a...