Side door latch on Jotul Oslo 500 v. 2

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Aug 16, 2018

We have owned our Jotul Oslo now for 3 seasons. The unit was installed new right before the new version 3 model came out. Towards the last burn season we noticed that the side door handle was becoming more difficult to close. We no longer get that spring loaded feel like you get from the front door latch. Instead it closes around 4/5ths of the way. No air is getting in, but I worry because of the lack of that full spring action. I tried using some WD40 lubricant spray, but no luck. During the winter we use the stove almost on a daily use. Could the problem be a warped side panel or needing a new latch? Should I be concerned? As I stated, it closes and no air is getting in, but it just doesn't close as fully as in prior seasons. Has anyone else had this issue?


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
This could be a matter of the door gasket getting more compressed over time. I don't have this stove, but Jotul latches often have the adjustment on the stove body at the latch receiver. This is an old thread for the C450 that covers the adjustment if this is the same mechanism used on the F500 side door.