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Mountain Woody

New Member
Jan 14, 2024
Catskill Mountains, NY
I traded my pellet stove for this beautiful Jotul on Marketplace - for outages (Same guys took my Englander pellet stove and returned with this Jotul in exchange) - which we have from time to time in the mountains! I cannot find any pics of info online. The local dealer brushed my inquiry off, as did Jotul North America. (!)

I'd like to know the vintage - and operating info. There is no model # anywhere on the stove.

Any and all help is much appreciated. TY in advance!

Jotul Nameplate.jpg Jotul Norway.jpg Jotul back chimney plate.jpg Jotul 6In Chimney.jpg Jotul left side.jpg Jotul firebox closeup.jpg 20240114_221550_resized.jpg Jotul Top for....jpg Jotul Front.jpg