Need Help! Old Trailblazer stove

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New Member
Nov 21, 2023
Hutchinson, KS
I got this stove about a year ago, off Facebook marketplace for about 160.00, replaced the glass in it by looking up an Oregon glass company that makes custom wood stove glass, got that done.. now, I would like to fix up or build or see if I can find parts, to the Air Intake there in the front, where you see my nice shiny new screws, stainless of course lol, so I can fix my mistake because at times when I close my upper damper, sometimes I get a "puff" where the intake is from slowing the smoke escaping after hours of burning to help keep heat in, slowing it down, the burn. I have NO FREAKING CLUE and cannot find ANY info on this thing, evening trying to look the info up on the back, listed in picture, of what the hell this stove is, to maybe find parts if need. Can anyone help me please? I've tried everywhere, hours of searching the browser.. sigh :( Thanks Brian

Need Help! Old Trailblazer stove Need Help! Old Trailblazer stove Need Help! Old Trailblazer stove
Looks like a HES 27000 Trailblazer. Heating Energy System went out of business. The info on this stove is pretty sparse. I changed the title in case someone still has one of these stoves.