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  1. Krock

    Blaze King vs other brands?

    Hey folks, been reading through quite a few of the forums and there is lots of good info. I recently bought a 2700 sq ft newer mobile home in northern NM. I have a quadrafire 1200 pellet stove but I grew up on wood. I am currently going through roughly 4-5 tons/year of pellets and at $350/ton...
  2. J

    First post, appreciate all the help I've got through the years and had a quick question.

    Replacing an old oil burning furnace with a wood burner, chimney was cleared for use, but was advised to replace the thimble as it had some cracks. Now my question is, is the clearance for oil burning appliances different than wood/solid fuel? I'll try and attach a photo, but the brick clearance...
  3. M

    Help ID old ivory Jotul stove?

    I traded my pellet stove for this beautiful Jotul on Marketplace - for outages (Same guys took my Englander pellet stove and returned with this Jotul in exchange) - which we have from time to time in the mountains! I cannot find any pics of info online. The local dealer brushed my inquiry...
  4. O

    temporarily wood stove install: am I putting myself at risk?

    Hello, I recently bought an uninsulated fixer-upper house and am living in it while working on it. I bought it off a family that had neglected it. I am getting building permits and going by the book, but it would be great to have more heat in here for the winter. The house has a brick chimney...
  5. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions: Homestead Renovations, Fixing And Upgrading Our Chimney

    A Youtube Video: My main concern is this "bricky" (a UK term) is treating a stainless steel chimney like a masonry chimney and "bricking" it in at least on one side. I always thought a steal chimney needs some air space all around to dissipate heat and prevent issues. Or am I wrong? Is...
  6. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions on: "Restoring Our Homestead Woodstove"

    A Youtube Video. A UK couple, living in Portugal. Clearly an inexpensive steel stove, with a back water heater. Given what he had to work with, your thoughts. What he did, was it: - Correct - Incorrect - Could have done better Details for each in your comments.
  7. agbegin

    Newbie looking to buy my first wood stove. Have a few (many) questions

    Hi all, am new here. Have been googling for weeks to no avail on some of my questions, and after pouring over a bunch of threads, feel like I could fare much better engaging with the community here. I have a 1960s house, 2200 sq ft, in New England. I just sold off the pellet stove insert that...
  8. Heat Maxx

    Heat-Maxx wood stove heat reclaimer

    Hi Everyone, colder temps are soon upon us and we would like to give 3 of our Heat-Maxx wood stove heat reclaimers to the first 3 replies to this thread if you would like one. Must have a 6 inch flue. These units are also crimp down only. Any other questions please let me know. Thanks and have...
  9. Chris West VA

    Sames Brothers Manufacturing EAF-1B Side-Loading Wood Stove

    Just picked up a circa 1981 stove and wondering if anyone has any info. I’m going to clean it up (wire brush and paint) for use in my off-grid cabin. Any and all input appreciated!
  10. M

    Who can tell me about this 70s era stove? Brand is ORC Industries

    Looking for any info on this stove. Made in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The door of stove has the 'ORC Industries' logo. Late 70s model? "Northwind #2"
  11. U

    nashua nfp-2 install!

    Hello! New member here! I grew up from basically birth all the way until I was 19 years old, using and familiarizing myself in the use of the family wood stove. Now that was 15 years ago and I fondly remember the days of stoking and chopping. However, I was not born prior to the stoves...
  12. C

    Before replacing my wood stove I want to run my plan by y’all

    So I moved into a new house where the owner installed a wood stove into the basement. Since then whenever I put wood in it I get some pretty intense smoke blowback I had the following done 1) Stainless liner installed 2) Had company come double up insulating the liner 3) Had the company...
  13. Oldfashbackhand1

    Hearthstone Starlet

    Hello, so I'm on my 3rd wood stove in 9 weeks. 1st time wood stove owner and im spending to learn smh. Actually got most of my money back minus gas, seems like every stove I'm interested in is 1.5 hrs from home. Anywho, 1st stove I bought was Englander top exit flue was to to tall to fix my...
  14. tinyorchid

    Little cabin needs wood stove

    Hi All, I have a 655 sq ft log cabin, less than 500 sq ft foot print, the rest is loft. I do have a ceiling fan. It is time for a new wood stove. I live in NW Montana, winter can get down to minus 40, mostly temps are 40F down to the teens in winter. The logs/firewood I get are between 15.5...
  15. Jerome P

    How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door?

    I apologize for bringing this topic up. I've read many articles, watched many utube videos all saying do this, don't do that etc. when it comes to cleaning a wood stove glass door. I want to be sure I clean the glass the right way without any consequences that may appear down the road. Last...
  16. W

    Wood Stove Installation

    I am looking to replace a 1960s Preway fireplace with a more efficient wood stove in a cabin in Lake Tahoe, CA. I need information on an appropriate model for an open space in a smallish A-frame home. More than this, I need to know realistic expectations for cost to install. I have received two...
  17. S

    Automated duct air damper; great one year test.

    Here is my duct air damper and control after one year test with no issues. Thanks for viewing. Looking forward to all your comments. Automated air damper
  18. C

    Wood stove and backdraft

    Hi! My wife and I just bought our first house in Maine. We have a finished basement with a wood stove. We had chimney guys do work on our 3 flues including lining the basement wood stove with a stainless liner and insulation. When I first light the wood stove, I do it slowly so I can get my...
  19. E

    Structural Question about Wood Cook Stove

    Hello, new here. We are looking at getting a wood cook stove (roughly 500-600 lbs seems to be the going weight estimating 3' x 3' in size). We have a two story house, with a basement and no attic. We have a large family and are looking at a decently large wood cook stove, but haven't settled...
  20. H

    Fire rope hanging down from inside flue collar

    We recently had the chimney to our wood stove replaced. Last week we noticed a piece of fire rope about 9in long hanging down inside of the stove from what were guessing is the flue collar. What are the safety concerns for not having this fixed? Do the people who installed need to come back and...
  21. Jerome P

    Life span of a catalytic combustor in hours

    I'm just curious in knowing how many hours a catalytic combustor last if running the wood stove as primary heat, 24/7 hours for 8 months in average 20 F daytime & 10 F night time in Wisconsin, burning dry red oak @<20% moisture content, burn no garbage materials except some non glossy paper...
  22. Jerome P

    How many 8" split pieces of wood can the Blaze King 40 hold?

    New guy here, love this forum! Wondering how many 8" split pieces the King 40 can hold going from left to right at 22" wood length? I may be asking this question a bit late as I'm already waiting for an estimate to be emailed to me for the Blaze King 40, new 8" Class A chimney and for the...
  23. P

    Manufactured home wood stove

    We own a double wide that we renovated for my sister and family. The old fireplace bricks are crumbling and we are seeking options for wood heat. Burning 20 logs a day to put out a tiny amount of heat is ridiculous and replacing interior has been quoted at $400 per side... Is there a back...
  24. A

    Best wood stove for my dollar?

    After several days of single digit temps and multiple power outages, I've finally convinced my husband we need a wood stove (I've wanted one for years). Now that I'm looking online I am finding so many different brands and kinds, I sort of feel overwhelmed and don't want to make a mistake w/ my...
  25. R

    Chimney vent install aesthetics, practical

    Looking for advice on an existing side wall thimble. I was told doing a pipe going around the outside soffit would look ugly and it would look better if it went through the soffit. 1. Challenges of going around the soffit is supporting the pipe with elbow too close to the tee. Looking at...
  26. J

    Double sided fireplace

    The dreaded double sided wood fireplace! I know this has been posted before but I really don’t see a great option for my dilemma. I am looking for all options for an efficient way to heat and utilize the current fireplace space I have. But also doesn’t cost the same as a new truck. The...
  27. M

    Should I replace this door?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to wood stoves and moved into a house last year with an Avalon Rainier wood stove insert. It wasn’t in the greatest condition but we cleaned it up, replaced the baffles and air tubes, new glue liner, etc. and got it working pretty well. The only issue is that it sometimes...
  28. T

    Need help identifying the model of this old wood stove

    Hello, Can someone tell me the model of this old Treemont wood stove? I'm also looking for parts to refurbish it. Does anyone know a good place to get parts for this? Thank you.
  29. W

    Furnace fan + woodstove. What am I overlooking?

    Last winter I self-installed an Ambiance Hipster 20/Hearthstone GM60 wood stove, and it’s been a dream. No draft issues. No complaints. Other than when we’ve been away, we haven’t had to use our oil furnace at all, which is ideal given the trends for heating oil prices. The one drawback of...
  30. J

    Repairing cracked baseplate

    I have a Jotul f118 wood stove and noticed a crack in the baseplate when we were getting ready to start burning. The crack is about halfway back and goes almost the full width (see pictures). I have a couple questions with addressing this issue: 1. Is the stove structurally compromised? (i.e...