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  1. C

    British Style Wood Stove Surrounds, Why so rare in the U.S.?

    I really want a wood stove, my house has zero fireplace but is built to be very traditional in style, so we're worried about a 16' tall black stovepipe being an issue when we go to sell, I'm a Realtor and know this style of house does not work with those and people here will be snobby about it...
  2. H

    Help identifying old cast iron stove

    Hi. I acquired an old stove and have no idea what it is. The prior owner has passed so there’s no information available off hand. I searched the stove high and low for any markings but couldn’t find any. All I can seem to gather is that it is an Victorian box style wood stove. Any help would be...
  3. G

    Steel Roof peeling around chimney? Pics inside

    Hello all. My parents house caught fire about 8 years ago as a result of their wood stove. Everyone was fine and house rebuilt. Now today, I went on the roof to caulk around vent pipes and when I looked over at the steel roof below the chimney I was shocked. I am attaching pictures but it...
  4. J

    Please advise! Neighbours wood smoke blowing into my home

    Hello All, First time posting here, I was wondering if I could get some advice on a situation I’m dealing with, I’ll try to be as concise as possible. My family and I just moved into a new house 4 months ago located next to a wood burner. He has a wood stove that has been used all winter as...
  5. alexzimmr

    The Mountaineer Wood Stove

    So I have this wood stove in my cabin and I’m wondering if anybody at all knows where it was made from and who made it. I’ve been dying to figure it out but there’s no results or any information I can find on it. Any help appreciated
  6. T

    Is an open fireplace stove install an “alcove”?

    I’m reviewing options for a new stove install (and I don’t want an insert). I have narrowed it down to a Morso 7110 which would vent from the rear of the stove and then up through an existing chimney. As I looked at it, I realized I could possibly pull out the rock facade and the metal fireplace...
  7. P

    Possible chimney fire? Shingles burning.

    Hey there, I've been following a long time, but first time posting. I just installed a used catalytic wood stove (dutchwest 4621) and a new 6in double wall stainless steel chimney liner into a 6x6 terracotta lined chimney. I started using my stove in Jan 2021 (one month). The wood im using...
  8. J

    Information on stove,

  9. C

    Model Number?

    Hi Everyone! I am riding the struggle bus right now. We moved into an older home (Was my grandmothers) and it has an older Regency Wood Stove in it. Long story short, the glass on the front broke and we cannot find the model number to save our lives. We took a picture of the back plate, see...
  10. R

    Help to identify a coal/wood stove?

    So I bought this stove a few days ago. Looking to identify what I have and who makes it. The front says Hartman and the door reads no. 71. I can’t find anything online about Hartman. Also does anyone know where to get parts for this? Trying to do a refurb on it. Thanks so much for the help.
  11. M

    Trouble finding wood stove model in new house

    I gathered it’s a Washington Stove Works Olympic Wood burning stove. But when googling all I see are two door stoves and mine is a single door. We’re trying to maybe find a manual for it. It has a fan on the bottom. Opening handle is located on the right.
  12. C

    Jotul 3 (1984) Requesting Advice

    Hi All, This is my first post on the forums, so apologies in advance if I muck up the forum etiquette. I recently purchased a home that had an old Jotul Fireplace Stove 3 with the following markings (UL 737 NBK) and (RPT 11.01.84). I am assuming the later marking is a date of manufacture. The...
  13. M

    Wood stove for fireplace installation - questions before purchase

    Last winter our sweep cautioned us against using our fireplace as an open hearth due to cracked tiles and lack of parging. After lots of reading, debates over wood v. pellet v. gas, and visits to the stove dealer we are close to making the final decision to purchase a wood stove which will sit...
  14. H

    Help! We have this stove but we dont know how to use it!!

    My girlfriend has this stove in her sun room, but we are unsure if it is safe to use. I will attach photos maybe someone can shed some light on this thing. someone spent a lot of money to have it installed but i am not convinced the people who installed it knew what they were doing. It...
  15. L

    Help Identifying Older Stove

    Hi, I found this stove and can't seem to figure out what the brand/model is... if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to figure out what blower to attach to the back. Thanks
  16. A

    Seeking input on first stove - small fireplace, small house

    Hello all, I am looking for the first woodstove to put into my home. Both my wife and I want to reduce our fossil fuel and incomplete combustion use, and living in New England, wood stoves seem the way to go. I had a wood stove at my past two homes and I miss how cozy they are. we are...
  17. S

    What are my options for installing a wood stove in my living room?

    A few years ago I was interested in putting in a wood stove in my living room that currently has a fireplace. The guy who stopped by my house to quote said that my fireplace has a "zig-zag flue" so the liner couldn't be installed. He seemed sort of disinterested and didn't stay for long so I...
  18. K

    Refurbishing this wood stove

    First off I have no idea what brand/ model this wood stove is, I would like help with that. May help me to figure out what kind of blower I would need and what the other hole is in the rear of the stove. I also was curious if it’s good to just go back to original paint or the shiny new metal...
  19. G

    House got smoked out... Hoping for some answers

    Hi all. Any thoughts on this matter are appreciated, to start with. I have a wood burning insert in my basement. Timberwolf make, professionally installed about 3 months ago. We've been using it consistently since we've had it. It's not large enough to heat the whole house, so we don't run...
  20. R

    Help with installing stove or insert into masonry fireplace with heatilator.

    Hi I'm completely new to this forum, fireplaces, stoves and inserts. I purchased a 1700sq ft house ( about 1200 sq ft is on the same floor as the fireplace and the rest is upstairs ) 2.5 years ago. I'm assuming I'd want something that will heat up to 1800 sq ft or so. My main heat source is an...
  21. C

    Reducing clearance to combustibles on overhead.

    Good Evening, Hopefully some of you pros and vets can help me solve my issue. Recently ripped out a pre-fab fireplace (because it was useless) out of a wood framed wall, with stone masonry on the exterior (for the effect of a stone masonry fireplace). I'm looking to install a PE Summit Classic...
  22. H

    Wood stove cold steel Heat shield

    Hi, I’m installing a small salamander SE wood stove in a wood clad room. As the room is so small I’m fabricating a cold rolled Steel heat shield. I have two questions- 1- From my research the best thing to do is to have a 1 inch gap between the shield and the wall. My fabricator wants to put...
  23. A

    Wood stove chimney liner potential issue?

    Hey all! I posted a little while back about installing a jotul into by existing old masonry chimney (no existing clay flue). I managed to get a flexible ss liner that is insulated with the 1/2 blanket down the chimney and connected into the top of my wood stove. My issue is the liner seems to...
  24. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  25. C

    Wood stove help please, need to learn how to efficiently use everything on the stove

    Anyone able to help with the operation of this wood stove. My grandfather hand crafted this stove in 1970's. I know it's based of another type of wood stove however I am trying to figure out the correct operation of the stove for most beneficial fire burn and wood saving use. The bottom 2 are...
  26. K

    Smoke Up One Flue and Down The Other -- Help!

    Hi, First time poster, and also first-time homeowner (...if I had only known!) Anyways -- I have a dual-flue chimney that supports an upstairs fireplace, as well as a basement wood stove. Facing the chimney indoors, the upstairs fireplace is the right flue, and the basement stove is the...
  27. M

    New Fireplace insert (Newbie questions)

    Hello everybody, I am new here, been reading here for a long time digging for information (and lord, this forum is a wonderful source!) and finally decided to sign up and participate. Well, I will go straight to it- I have built a new fireplace in my house, this is basically a fireplace...
  28. E

    Looking to ID a Regency stove

    Folks I'm interested in buying a used Regency wood stove, but can't seem to find the model #. Pictures linked https://photos.app.goo.gl/T9SYkZddaiiVrExcA If any can ID this stove, I would appreciate it. THANKS!!!
  29. Tennessee.Pilgrim

    Looking for a New Stove

    Hello all, I have been scouring these forums for months and finally decided to join in. I'm researching my next stove and I have not been able to decide on one yet. Here is my situation, please feel free to offer your advice and opinions. I am building a new home in Northern/Middle Tennessee...
  30. D

    Beefing Up & Expanding Hearth for Wood Stove

    Hello everyone, First time poster, about to get a wood stove (thinking about VC Encore Flexburn, but that's not why I write) and want to vent it out of an existing fireplace. The fireplace had a 1" think slate slab that sat on several layers of mud bed, mortar, and piled rocks/concrete. I need...