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  1. W

    Furnace fan + woodstove. What am I overlooking?

    Last winter I self-installed an Ambiance Hipster 20/Hearthstone GM60 wood stove, and it’s been a dream. No draft issues. No complaints. Other than when we’ve been away, we haven’t had to use our oil furnace at all, which is ideal given the trends for heating oil prices. The one drawback of...
  2. J

    Repairing cracked baseplate

    I have a Jotul f118 wood stove and noticed a crack in the baseplate when we were getting ready to start burning. The crack is about halfway back and goes almost the full width (see pictures). I have a couple questions with addressing this issue: 1. Is the stove structurally compromised? (i.e...
  3. J

    VC Dutchwest 2461 cracked

    Hello all, this is my first post on here. I'll try to keep it concise. I have a VC Dutchwest 2461. Not sure of how old it is. I bought my house in 2020 and the stove came with it. I've used it on and off for the last couple years. I noticed a crack on the right side of the stove a couple...
  4. J

    How old is my Lange Svendborg wood stove?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased this adorable little wood stove and I would love to know how old it is? I can’t find anything through my online research what year(s) this model was made. Does anyone know? Thanks for your help! -Jess
  5. C

    Insulation and framing by pipe

    I'm new to having a wood stove and am concerned that the ceiling framing and insulation is currently too close to the stove pipe. I might be wrong because it's not directly against the actual pipe, but I'm looking for clarity.
  6. asburke39

    Help on selecting a wood stove for a newbie!

    Hi all! I have never owned or really used a wood stove before but my husband and I just moved to Northern Michigan (not the UP) and we are building a tiny-ish home and looking for advice on purchasing a wood stove. I have attached our floor plan. It is 16' wide by 40' long (640 square feet)...
  7. A

    Help selecting wood stove

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have learned alot of information from everyone browsing as a guest. This post will be long but i want to give as much info as possible. We are looking to purchase a wood stove for our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. It is approximately 1150 square feet, built in...
  8. W

    chimney installation

    Hello to everybody ! I want to install an ironcast kitchen wood stove 9.5 kw with 5 inch flue pipe in my home that it have a kitchen also. The best place to be fit as per houses place is almost to center of home. The roof is wooden with tiles tringle shape. Because i dont want to drill the top...
  9. F

    Jotul F600 Door Removal

    Hello All, I've been reading a lot of amazing threads on here for quite a while, but I have never posted until now. Perhaps someone on here can help me with my question. Here's the story: I recently purchased a home that came with a Jotul F600 wood stove. I had the chimney inspected and...
  10. C

    Creosote running down wall

    My husband and I recently bought a house with a wood stove and the first time (and only time) we tried to use it last fall it started to leak black liquid down from where the pipe and wall meet, but it leaks even when we don't use it! We've had chimney people come out and inspect it and have...
  11. J

    2010 used BK Princess in newly constructed alcove

    I'm planning a new alcove from the living room into the garage. Used BK Princess PE32 has a fan kit, total width of 27". Replacing 10 year old Catalytic Combustor. BK specifies minimum alcove width of 47", maximum depth of 48" with minimum height of 44" from top of stove (that's 77" tall...
  12. Sifan7x7

    Heat shield

    Hello, I just got a used harman oakwood stove, I’m planning on putting it in front of my existing fireplace. So it will be a rear vent. Do I need the rear heat shield or will I be okay without it? Also any tips on this stove would be helpful. Here are some pictures. Thanks
  13. H

    Need help choosing mobile home approved wood stove in 2022!

    Hi, I need to figure out what wood stove to buy (and where). Last fall I bought a 1969 Lamplighter mobile home (NOT renovated at all), and due to unfortunate circumstances, I have to deal with it as it is. The windows are all coming out and do not seal, there is no insulation to speak of. My...
  14. Z

    Hearth Pad

    I am making a hearth for my wood stove. The manual says to use 1" millboard or equivalent. I wanted to use fiber board from Menards. It says the r value is over 1 for 1/2 inch. I plan on putting thin metal over this as well for aesthetics. Does this sound appropriate? Menards link below...
  15. N

    Wood stove info/identify

    This stove was in our home when we moved in. We are planning to move it/sell it but I was hoping to identify it first. After reading other forums it appears to possibly be a fisher. Measures 24" wide 30" long and about 33" tall at highest point. There are no initials or date from what I could see
  16. D

    Restricted air inlet damper on new VC Defiant

    I am new to this site. My new Defiant has a very restricted air inlet damper. Will not stay up to temperature wide open unless I crack open the ash pan. Excellent draft causes great heat up with ash pan cracked open. Inspected small rectangular oval damper plate. It only opens a crack before...
  17. TheBurghBees

    Venting Wood Stove Into Back of Chimney

    Hi All! New to the Forum. We are in the midst of a sun room remodel. This space is an insulated enclosed porch, adjacent to our living room. The existing wood-burning fireplace in the living room will require a new liner (at best) and/or insert to become functional again. We haven't yet...
  18. Sifan7x7

    Lopi freedom insert vs pacific energy summit insert

    Hey guys new to the wood stoves. Two came up for sale, a Lopi freedom insert that is 5 years old and in good shape. And a pacific energy summit insert that is 15 years old in excellent shape. I would be installing a 6” flex chimney liner 20’ high. My house is roughly 1300 Sqaure feet 2 story...
  19. K

    Scandia 100 worth like new?

    So my parents bought a Scandia 100 wood stove a long time ago. It has been in storage and never used. It’s a beautiful stove and we were going to use it but decided to go with something else that takes longer wood pieces. I know it’s a scandalous knockoff of Jotul and for seasoned wood burners...
  20. Jerinmitchell

    New to wood burning - carbon monoxide alarm sounded at night

    Hello, I've just read through many helpful posts on the subject but can't seem to find the answer I'm seeking. We are new to wood burning and recently installed a Theca top loading stove in our yurt. In a few months use, the carbon monoxide alarm has sounded twice in the middle of the night...
  21. W

    Wooden Stove door hinge and handle not closing properly after lubrication

    I made the mistake of putting WD-40 (I know now it was the wrong stuff) on the door handle and hinges and now, whilst they don't squeak anymore, are worse off. The hinge shuts way too quickly now when before there was some resistance it was easy to control. Furthermore, the handle now doesn't...
  22. C

    Stove burning too hot and fast

    mid last winter I got an Englands Stove to replace an undersized one I had in my house. This one is much better sized. It’s rated for 2400 sq ft, has about 6’ of single wall pipe, probably 24’ of triple wall on top of that in a straight shot up and out with a cap. About 12” above the stove I...
  23. DanielP

    Smaller Fire Possible in VC Dauntless?

    Hey there Hearth.com community. I am brand new around here and we're only on day two since our Dauntless Flexburn was installed (w/o catalytic kit)! We've made our "break-in" fires, which went fine. Last evening I made the first fire where I loaded the firebox about 3/4 full. It got good and hot...
  24. R

    Sierra wood stove guidance?!

    I just moved into a new place and this stove is installed. I have never had a wood stove before and I'm lost on how to work it. The knob and handle above the actual stove don't seem to do anything? If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear! -Anna
  25. D

    Need help

    I have to replace my stovepipe and chimney on an old wood stove in a home I purchased, is there a place where I can buy a kit to do this or so I have to piece everything together individually? Thank you
  26. J

    Does anyone know where the "Room Air Cover" is located on the Alderlea T5 LE?

    Hi Folks! We're in a 200 year old farmhouse owned by my parents. Last year they had to replace the old Vermont Castings stove in the farmhouse and they went with the Pacific Coast Alderlea T5 LE. We've since moved into the farmhouse to be closer to them as they age, and we've been having some...
  27. H

    Help identifying an old Ashley wood stove

    Hey guys, I have an older Ashley Wood Stove I think about the 1980s I saw it on one of their old ads but for days I haven’t been able to figure out what I got or if there are even parts or a manual for it. Also cannot locate any tag on the stove with model or any information. Any help...
  28. T

    Insert vs fireplace firebox size sanity check

    Hello everyone and many thanks for such an informative and friendly forum. I’ve been immersing myself in the details of wood burning this last week and have gotten to the point where I need a sanity check. Hoping I can provide all of the relevant information so that y’all can quickly assist me...
  29. warm_jack

    Stove Pipe setup

    Hi there all, stove newb here (but otherwise fairly handy and technically minded). Just brought in a new Pleasant Hearth 1800 sqft/63000 BTU 6" D wood stove to hook up to an already existing chimney and ceiling/finishing support added previously by previous owners. I've got about 65" from the...
  30. C

    British Style Wood Stove Surrounds, Why so rare in the U.S.?

    I really want a wood stove, my house has zero fireplace but is built to be very traditional in style, so we're worried about a 16' tall black stovepipe being an issue when we go to sell, I'm a Realtor and know this style of house does not work with those and people here will be snobby about it...