wood stove

  1. S

    What are my options for installing a wood stove in my living room?

    A few years ago I was interested in putting in a wood stove in my living room that currently has a fireplace. The guy who stopped by my house to quote said that my fireplace has a "zig-zag flue" so the liner couldn't be installed. He seemed sort of disinterested and didn't stay for long so I...
  2. K

    Refurbishing this wood stove

    First off I have no idea what brand/ model this wood stove is, I would like help with that. May help me to figure out what kind of blower I would need and what the other hole is in the rear of the stove. I also was curious if it’s good to just go back to original paint or the shiny new metal...
  3. G

    House got smoked out... Hoping for some answers

    Hi all. Any thoughts on this matter are appreciated, to start with. I have a wood burning insert in my basement. Timberwolf make, professionally installed about 3 months ago. We've been using it consistently since we've had it. It's not large enough to heat the whole house, so we don't run...
  4. R

    Help with installing stove or insert into masonry fireplace with heatilator.

    Hi I'm completely new to this forum, fireplaces, stoves and inserts. I purchased a 1700sq ft house ( about 1200 sq ft is on the same floor as the fireplace and the rest is upstairs ) 2.5 years ago. I'm assuming I'd want something that will heat up to 1800 sq ft or so. My main heat source is an...
  5. C

    Reducing clearance to combustibles on overhead.

    Good Evening, Hopefully some of you pros and vets can help me solve my issue. Recently ripped out a pre-fab fireplace (because it was useless) out of a wood framed wall, with stone masonry on the exterior (for the effect of a stone masonry fireplace). I'm looking to install a PE Summit Classic...
  6. H

    Wood stove cold steel Heat shield

    Hi, I’m installing a small salamander SE wood stove in a wood clad room. As the room is so small I’m fabricating a cold rolled Steel heat shield. I have two questions- 1- From my research the best thing to do is to have a 1 inch gap between the shield and the wall. My fabricator wants to put...
  7. A

    Wood stove chimney liner potential issue?

    Hey all! I posted a little while back about installing a jotul into by existing old masonry chimney (no existing clay flue). I managed to get a flexible ss liner that is insulated with the 1/2 blanket down the chimney and connected into the top of my wood stove. My issue is the liner seems to...
  8. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  9. C

    Wood stove help please, need to learn how to efficiently use everything on the stove

    Anyone able to help with the operation of this wood stove. My grandfather hand crafted this stove in 1970's. I know it's based of another type of wood stove however I am trying to figure out the correct operation of the stove for most beneficial fire burn and wood saving use. The bottom 2 are...
  10. K

    Smoke Up One Flue and Down The Other -- Help!

    Hi, First time poster, and also first-time homeowner (...if I had only known!) Anyways -- I have a dual-flue chimney that supports an upstairs fireplace, as well as a basement wood stove. Facing the chimney indoors, the upstairs fireplace is the right flue, and the basement stove is the...
  11. M

    New Fireplace insert (Newbie questions)

    Hello everybody, I am new here, been reading here for a long time digging for information (and lord, this forum is a wonderful source!) and finally decided to sign up and participate. Well, I will go straight to it- I have built a new fireplace in my house, this is basically a fireplace...
  12. E

    Looking to ID a Regency stove

    Folks I'm interested in buying a used Regency wood stove, but can't seem to find the model #. Pictures linked https://photos.app.goo.gl/T9SYkZddaiiVrExcA If any can ID this stove, I would appreciate it. THANKS!!!
  13. Tennessee.Pilgrim

    Looking for a New Stove

    Hello all, I have been scouring these forums for months and finally decided to join in. I'm researching my next stove and I have not been able to decide on one yet. Here is my situation, please feel free to offer your advice and opinions. I am building a new home in Northern/Middle Tennessee...
  14. D

    Beefing Up & Expanding Hearth for Wood Stove

    Hello everyone, First time poster, about to get a wood stove (thinking about VC Encore Flexburn, but that's not why I write) and want to vent it out of an existing fireplace. The fireplace had a 1" think slate slab that sat on several layers of mud bed, mortar, and piled rocks/concrete. I need...
  15. O

    Pyramid Wood Stove???

    Anybody have any idea as to what this is worth? New to the stove chats :) please help!
  16. JustisWay

    Looking to buy used freestanding for primary heat

    Hello. We live in Northern Idaho, on Lake Pend Orielle. We have a 2,300 sq ft home (basement included). I'd say the main level is about 1,200 sq ft? and we have our master bedroom in a loft style room upstairs, so it's vaulted with tongue and groove/beams. In the basement there's a Russian...
  17. M

    Can't control fire anymore

    Last year had to replace converter on my Defiant 2460 model wood stove. I replace all gaskets at that time also. Now when trying to shut stove down to slow the burn it won't shut down. In the past 20 years of using this stove I could keep coals for over 24 hours now i might be able to keep them...
  18. J

    Craft Wood Stove running through wood

    I got an craft wood stove from my cousin and I've had it for about a month. I am BURNING through would like no other. If I put 4/5 pieces of split wood 4in thick, Itll burn through it in about an hour. Should this be happening? I am closing the bottom dampers about 90-95% of the way and closing...
  19. V

    Mystery Fisher

    I recently came into possession of a fisher Stove as pictured. It seems to be a bit of an oddball. It has a bottom and rear heat shield, no UL listing or any other data plate, nor holes or rivets for one, and Fisher Brass and glass doors. Seems like a Grandma Bear 3. Here’s where it gets...
  20. MissMac

    Question about HRV system

    Hey all, I’ve got a question for the very knowledgeable group about my current HRV set-up. A little bit of background first might be helpful: I have a propane furnace forced air set-up, an HRV system that is looped into the furnace duct work, and a wood stove. I try to keep the stove going...
  21. I

    Wood Stove in Second (Main) Floor Living Room?

    Hi all! New member here looking for some guidance. I am currently building a ~1,600 sqft house and would like to put a wood stove in it (Jotul or HearthStone). The house is built into a hillside so the main living area - living room, kitchen, master bedroom - are located on the second/upper...
  22. B

    Question about building chase around pipe.

    Hey my name is Alex and this my first post. I bought my house a couple years ago and have got good use out my wood stove in the basement. The pipe runs up from the basement, through the spare bedroom closet and then through the attic and roof. The pipe in the spare bedroom is kind of ugly and my...
  23. H

    Painting buck 91 and single wall pipe

    What would you recommend paint wise for painting single wall pipe and a buck 91 stove? And would 1200°F paint be high enough for the exterior? I don't want a horrible paint job, I tend to want to do it right the first time and not have to go through the trouble of doing it again a second time. TIA!
  24. R

    Parlor Stove Parts

    Hello, I am new to this site and I don't know much about stoves. I have a parlor stove like a washington 25. It has a door on the front that has screen in it. I did get some kind of mica sheets but they are torn up. I have a mica mind about half mile from me. Should I get it from there and cut...
  25. Bostonceltics151

    Help- can anyone identify this stove?

    hello all, I am in the market to purchase a small stove for my father, this popped up online today locally for $60.. but I have no idea what it is, and neither does the seller.. anyone have any idea? See pictures attached.
  26. W

    A few questions

    I see that most forums haven't been active but I thought I'd give this a try... I'm trying to heat a two story 1200sqft home. The first floor will be separated from the second by doors. There is duct work there but nothing installed yet. The duct work that is there is the insulated flexible...
  27. F

    Does heating the gasket rope cause it to expand?

    I replaced the gasket rope on my Englander 17-vl for the first time this summer with Imperial 5/8" dia but it does not create a tight seal. I noticed the rope isnt as rigid as the original Englander rope but's it's the 5/8" required dia. It's summer so I haven't lit the wood stove to cure it...
  28. J

    Still Researching... but I am thinking of Woodstock Absolute Steel

    Hey Guys, Thank you very much for your responses and time. My wire and I have finally saved enough to get a stove. I have a fireplace that is not usable and my place is about 1600 square feet. I thought I could install a wood stove (have about 25% sticking into the fire place and 75%...
  29. T

    Ironstrike (Lennox) Grandview 230 or Lopi Evergreen

    I have never owned a wood burning stove before and have visited two stores multiple times now and searched through the forums. The two main contenders has come down to the Lopi Evergreen and the Ironstrike (Lennox) Grandview 230. I live in the Hudson Valley area of NY and my house is a...
  30. J

    Add on wood stove in garage

    Hello I'm new to this site. Sorry if this is not in the correct forum. I'm looking to install a afd on wood/coal stove in my garage to heat my house. I do not have a basement and have no place in my house to place it. I got it cleared by insurance to install in my garage. The question I have...