How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door?

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Jerome P

New Member
Jan 20, 2023
West Central Wisconsin USA
I apologize for bringing this topic up. I've read many articles, watched many utube videos all saying do this, don't do that etc. when it comes to cleaning a wood stove glass door. I want to be sure I clean the glass the right way without any consequences that may appear down the road.

Last week I had my Blaze King 40 professionally installed as well as a new class A 8 inch chimney, these guys done a great job

After doing my 3 slow burn over 2 days, the glass became blackened and progressively worsened the next few days burning 24/7, I started to allow the catalytic combustor run full scale 15 to 20 minutes, this helped some to the point I can dimly see some flame which was nice. I used the safe method of dipping crumpled up newspaper into some warm water and scrubbed like heck, the only stuff that came off was the light brown haze, the thick creosote remained but was able to scratch some off quite easily with my finger nail just out of curiosity to see if it could be done which I already new I wasn't going that route.

I have been heating my ranch home with an outdoor wood boiler for 23 years which I will end using it in a couple of years. Prior to that, I had an indoor wood furnace for a number of years.. Using a wood stove with a glass door is something new to me.
Thanks for your patience.

How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door?
How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door?

How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door? How can I safely clean my new Blaze King 40 wood stove glass door?
They say that burning a hot fire will clear up the glass. Has this been tried? At this time of year that may be out of the question. Some people use a single-edge razor blade to get the worst of the gunk off, then clean it using stove ash on a damp wad of newspaper. There are also stove glass cleaners on the market. A bottle will last a long time.

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I have been burning some hot fires for 15 to 20 minutes or until the flue temp reaches 700 degrees with the stove bypass opened, then I close the bypass run the thermostat air control for the combustor wide open and allow it to burn full scale for 15 to 20 minutes before reducing the air intake to 50 % or a bit hotter. By all means, I love a heated room.
Don't burn with the bypass open untill the flue temp reaches something. Close the bypass whenever the gauge says the cat is in the active region.

Burn on high a bit longer. But I find the amount of dripping gunk quite much for a few fires. This can happen if you have wood that's too wet. Did you measure the moon content? If so, how?

The wet newspaper is fine, but you forgot the ashes on the newspaper as begreen said. They will get the stuff off.
The runs or streaks indicate moisture as a contributor. Loading N/S with smaller pieces (less air restriction) will usually help. Don't turn it down too hot to deal with moisture at beginning of each load.