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  1. M

    Help ID old ivory Jotul stove?

    I traded my pellet stove for this beautiful Jotul on Marketplace - for outages (Same guys took my Englander pellet stove and returned with this Jotul in exchange) - which we have from time to time in the mountains! I cannot find any pics of info online. The local dealer brushed my inquiry...
  2. F

    Help ID a stove?

    The body looks like an Acorn Voyageur but the doors are different. Google reverse image search shows exactly 2 photos of other stoves like it, but no one's got a plate or a name that lines up. There doesn't seem to be any manufacturing info on it, not even a country of origin. Maybe I didn't...
  3. B

    Please help Identifying insert and any useful information

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have been learning myself from this form for the past few years. I need some help with identifying my wood burning insert. I bought the house a few years ago and have been burning to supplement my propane furnace. The burner soley heats my four seasons room. I...
  4. S

    This is a HEATFORM correct ?

    I’ve been doing all of the research I can hoping for a definitive answer as I’m planning on installing a wood burning stove insert come this summer In preparation for next winter. I believe what I have is a heatilator fireplace which is not a zero clearance fireplace and should be surrounded by...
  5. K

    Need help identifying stove pipe

    We bought a used pacific energy woodstove and it came with the pipe. Unfortunately we need a few more pieces of pipe but we can’t figure out what type of pipe we have! I don’t know if this matters but we’re in Canada. There are no stickers or anything to identify on the pipes. The woodstove was...
  6. W


    I need help identifying this wood burning insert . Please see attached picture. I can find no markings or name anywhere. Thanks in advance. If this has been covered, please accept my apoligies.
  7. K

    Identification, of CommandAIR furnace?

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to heat an outbuilding on the weekends. I have been searching around some for cost effective solutions and think i have decided on a wood furnace. There are plenty of used ones available, but most look like they have fallen out of the back of someone's...
  8. R

    Identification Help

    We have an old piece that we can't identify. Anyone know or have one similar. Trying to locate parts.
  9. M

    Wood ID - Newbie Here!

    Need a little help identifying some wood that was left behind at the house we just bought. Thanks in advance!
  10. dlopitz

    Stove Identification Help Wanted

    I'm seeking help identifying this wood stove, which I'm guessing dates c. 2005. Thank you! -Don
  11. thor5551

    Stove identification

    Any thoughts on what this stove might be? The guy I got it from said it was a Blaze King but I can't find any evidence to support that.
  12. P

    Help! Stove identification?

    I need help identifying this stove please. Its a BRUNCO, my guess is late 90s maybe. Serial number plate is missing and I need to find a new fan for this thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. H

    Wood stove ID

    First, sorry about the odd angle. I'm trying to identify this wood stove for my in-laws and haven't had any luck. i haven't been able to find a brand name or serial number. Any help? It's been in camp since they purchased 20 years ago. The camp itself is located in Maine and is over 100...
  14. F

    Looking for (Scandinavian?) stove ID

    Hi fellow stove lovers, I'm looking to identify the stove that came with the house we purchased - see photo. I have already used it a few times but I'd love some information about this type of stove and the best way to use it. The shape of the stove is cylindrical and the two doors slide to...
  15. W

    fireplace insert identification help needed

    Hello, to the forum i was hoping someone here could help me identify this stove looking for a make or model to research for parts. any help with identifying this old guy would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  16. A

    Help me identify Avalon stove model please

    Was using the stove for the second time this year and caught a log while closing the door. As you can see, I cracked the glass and will need to replace it :(. Problem is, I cannot figure out what exact model of stove I have. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me identify the stove...
  17. N

    Help identifying gas fireplace

    We recently bought a house with a gas direct vent fireplace. The plate with the info on brand and serial number is missing and when turning it on and having the gas company look at it we discovered there's a small leak where the pilot tubing hooks to the control because it doesn't have the...
  18. buddythehuman

    wood id

    I've been trying to ID this kind of wood for a few days now. Saw a fallen tree in a guy's yard, thought it was ash, offer to take it off his hands for free, starting to think its some sort of willow? Thanks for the help
  19. H

    Never seen a stove like this..?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and am hunting for a small stove for my tiny home. I stumbled upon this, which seems too large for my purposes, but I would be willing to restore and sell it. But, what is this? I've never even seen one shaped like this. Is it saveable/sellable? Any info...