Need help identifying stove pipe

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New Member
Feb 25, 2023
We bought a used pacific energy woodstove and it came with the pipe. Unfortunately we need a few more pieces of pipe but we can’t figure out what type of pipe we have! I don’t know if this matters but we’re in Canada. There are no stickers or anything to identify on the pipes. The woodstove was a 2008 pacific energy alderlea t5 classic so I would assume the stove pipe/chimney is from the same year. Also, one piece of the black pipe has a dent, will this need to be replaced?

5A2E4D07-CC2B-4057-864B-AE3656280BE8.jpeg B3C2E570-5DCD-4D85-80A2-59ED56F2DC2E.jpeg C0530B4C-8333-402C-9136-00E7D391CF44.jpeg B972A8D1-C55E-4E82-851A-2C393020A303.jpeg FDB2ECF8-48DC-4569-9029-8E88C7CAC461.jpeg EA577469-C89A-48BB-B189-749B7DCB609A.jpeg 06A8B7DD-7B80-41D3-B4A2-C48A24CFB1E9.jpeg