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  1. A

    Drolet installation

    Just got a new Drolet Columbia II and am having a little trouble with the installation. Based on the picture you can see that I obviously have to cut the existing 8" flue pipe. Even if I cut it to the exact right height, I'm not sure how to slide the Drolet underneath and get the flue pipe to...
  2. Heat Maxx

    Heat-Maxx wood stove heat reclaimer

    Hi Everyone, colder temps are soon upon us and we would like to give 3 of our Heat-Maxx wood stove heat reclaimers to the first 3 replies to this thread if you would like one. Must have a 6 inch flue. These units are also crimp down only. Any other questions please let me know. Thanks and have...
  3. C

    In desperate need of heat I mean help!

    We just had our thimble moved from one room to another in a small concrete block chimney so we can have our wood stove in the living room. My issue is clearance for the stove pipe exiting the wall. There is a 2x4 inside the wall within 3" of the stainless pipe that enters the flue. I think I...
  4. K

    Need help identifying stove pipe

    We bought a used pacific energy woodstove and it came with the pipe. Unfortunately we need a few more pieces of pipe but we can’t figure out what type of pipe we have! I don’t know if this matters but we’re in Canada. There are no stickers or anything to identify on the pipes. The woodstove was...
  5. H

    Alderlea T5, Selkirk Chimney, stovepipe middle - a question!

    Hi there, Newbie here. The old stovepipe installation in my cabin failed the recent WETT inspection. Alderlea T5 woodstove below, a Selkirk chimney above, and a stovepipe in the middle -- that I don't quite understand. Single-walled pipe, 6", with an elbow turn, going up to ceiling support...
  6. B

    Blaze King ke40 Installation

    I have been looking at getting a Blaze King King 40 and the manual has an image showing no less than 2' from the top of the stove to the bottom of a horizontal pipe. They recommend 3' for that distance. I currently have an 8" horizontal run through my wall at 53" from the bottom of that pipe...
  7. D

    Need help

    I have to replace my stovepipe and chimney on an old wood stove in a home I purchased, is there a place where I can buy a kit to do this or so I have to piece everything together individually? Thank you
  8. warm_jack

    Stove Pipe setup

    Hi there all, stove newb here (but otherwise fairly handy and technically minded). Just brought in a new Pleasant Hearth 1800 sqft/63000 BTU 6" D wood stove to hook up to an already existing chimney and ceiling/finishing support added previously by previous owners. I've got about 65" from the...
  9. C

    How to install united states stove co. model US3200E

    Hi y'all, I need some help. If someone could help me figure this out, I will be very grateful. We bought this new wood burning stove, united states stove co. model US3200E. It looks like I am going to have to install it. From floor to ceiling, it is 16 feet. There is a suspended ceiling at 10...
  10. M

    Another “water leaking into stovepipe” question...

    I have a cast iron wood stove (Vogelzang BE-42E) in my shop. The previous owner used it, but the outside portion of the stove pipe had fallen off. This year I decided to install the outside portion of the chimney pipe which involved a 90 degree elbow to link the horizontal pipe exiting the shop...
  11. B

    Old Duravent 9-DCR-P?

    Trying to figure out if there is any way to utilize my existing stove pipe, I suspect it is original to the house. I’m aware duravent changed hands several times but unsure what that means for connecting a new wood stove to this. I’m remodeling and would like to install a new wood stove. Any...
  12. K

    Stove pipe removal advice

    We recently removed an old gas fireplace that a previous owner had put in place of a wood stove. I’m interested in removing the plate in the ceiling and after doing research I believe there is some sort of support box attached to it. Thanks can’t seem to find anything that says it supports the...
  13. L

    Support Box Trim cathedral ceiling; 24" OC rafter

    Hi all, I'm new to and also new to installing stove pipes. Installing a Jotul F400 and running the stove pipe through a cathedral ceiling; 5/12 pitch; near the ridge. anyhow, my rafters are spaced 24" oc. Luckily, where I want to run the chimney/install the support box is right next...
  14. C

    Need help for with stove pipe ID/suitability

    Good Afternoon, I am new to stoves and am trying to get as much info as I can before I install my stove in my deer camp. This forum is a wealth of info but despite my searches of the forums I could not find an answer to my question. My neighbor gave me a stove he had in his shed- it is a VC...
  15. T

    Upland 27 - New Project Stove and Stove Pipe fitting?

    Hi All, I was given an old Upland stove (model 27). It is in good shape and seems lightly used (just needs a little TLC for surface rust and touching up some seams with furnace cement & door seal etc). I am in the process of cleaning it up but I can't seem to find a fitting for the stove...
  16. C

    Bought a house with a Blaze King Princess...but pipe needs repair

    Hi all, First time posting. I've recently bought a home that came with a Blaze King Princess in the living room, squarely in the center of the house. I've read a lot about the stove online, have learned a lot about wood burning from this site, and am excited to start using the stove. However...
  17. WoodyIsGoody

    Chinook 30 install

    I have 12 feet of vertical 6" Selkirk DCC double wall pipe to reach my SS chimney. The tech guy at Selkirk said I would need a Selkirk DCC stove adapter to properly fit the flange on a Chinook 30 so I ordered one of those too. But it gets weird. The double wall pipe fits the stove flange...
  18. C

    Piping my Estate Junior Heatrola

    So I just bought an Estate Junior Heatrola stove and I'm not sure how to go about setting up the stove pipe. It's going in my garage which currently has no stove or chimney. I don't think I'll have any issues setting up the main part of the stove pipe and running it out through the garage, but I...
  19. M

    4" pipe stove options

    Howdi, I am looking for wood burning stove models that use a 4 inch diameter stove pipe. Or, more precisely, a single wall stove pipe with an outside diameter of 4 inches. I want a decent sized stove and 4 inches is the max size I can use for my new Canvas Camp hot tent. I'd be willing to...
  20. J

    Jotul 602 and Excel Pipe Question

    Happy New Year everyone, My husband and I are installing a Jotul 602 in our little cabin and got Excel Stove pipe from our local Stoveworks Store. The owner made a list of all the pipe we needed and it seemed to make sense, until today. We have a "Stove Adapter" that we aren't sure what to do...
  21. O

    Old timberline connecting stove to stovepipe issue

    I have an old Timberline. The back inner hole opening to the stove is 7 3/4". The to pipe to slip into the hole though is 8 inches. What do I use to connect the two. Even the crimped end does not fit in the back of the stoves opening. Thank you
  22. K

    Majolica Brown Pipe or High-Temp Paint

    I recently bought a Majolica Brown Enamel Jotul F500 Oslo and it didn’t come with the stove pipe. My Chimney is 8 inches so I intend to get a 6 inch pipe with a extender to connect to my 8 inch pipe. However, I was wondering if I could either source a 6 inch Majolica Brown pipe, or if anybody...
  23. C

    Stovepipe reducer problem -- Rain getting in help!

    Help! I paid a local Anchorage company (Alaska Chimney Sweep) to install my new fireplace insert because Allstate told me it had to be professionally done to be covered. After paying $900+, the installer told me she would get her "sheet metal guy" to fab a part to cover the old stove pipe hole...
  24. Coyote Pup

    Insulated Pipe Angles?

    Hey Hearth, thanks for helping- I'm installing a stove in my sisters house, which has a chimney (clean flue liner, i just rebuilt everything above roof, inspected.) Given the house's layout, it makes the most sense to go up into the attic and then across to the chimney, about 3 or 4 ft. I know...
  25. T

    Am I getting scammed?

    I had a Jotul stove put in 10 years ago. The opening was for a gas fireplace that, apparently, was either taken out or never put in. The company that installed the stove did a really bad job (it was all new to me, so I didn't know). They've since gone out of business, of course. Anyway, I...
  26. L

    L. Lange & Co. Stove 6302-3 KJ

    Hi all, I am looking for more info on the value of this wood burning stove. I am also selling it with the chimney as well. I tried searching the forums here, but I am having difficulty getting a clear picture of its value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  27. C

    Stovepipe for Jotul F50 Rangeley

    I am installing a Jotul F50 Rangeley in an addition to my passive solar house. It will be used for supplemental heat. I have read conflicting ideas on the best stovepipe, so I thought I would ask here. Situation of the woodstove. It will be in a large room in a floor to ceiling brick U open to...
  28. G

    Chimney Pipe All The Way?

    I'll be venturing in to joining the ranks here as a wood burner stove owner hopefully this weekend. As I'm reading everything I can find and burning up YouTube install videos to gather information, I'm still a bit confused on something. Should the double-wall, insulated chimney pipe be ran all...
  29. F

    Selkirk DSP w/ oval stove outlet?

    I recently purchased an Ashland New Decade cook stove (modern, airtight, Amish-made) and a Selkirk Supervent class-A chimney which I'm in the process of installing. I would like to connect the stove to the chimney with Selkirk DSP double-wall stove pipe--I do have enough clearance I could use...
  30. C

    Stove pipe ? for Energy King 480

    I am in the process of placing my Energy King 480 furnace in my basement and need to know if I can come directly out the back of the furnace with a 90, then go up (vertical) for about 3 feet, and then add another 90 to get me level with where I need to run a 5 foot horizontal run to get through...