Old timberline connecting stove to stovepipe issue

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Oct 22, 2016
I have an old Timberline. The back inner hole opening to the stove is 7 3/4". The to pipe to slip into the hole though is 8 inches. What do I use to connect the two. Even the crimped end does not fit in the back of the stoves opening.
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All older stoves used 6 or 8 inch OD before pipe was made 6 and 8 inch ID to fit stove pipe.
Normally over-crimp with hand crimper allows it to fit inside. Crimp and pry outward to prevent crimp from becoming funnel shaped with an angle on the end of pipe.
Depending on installation, the side of a Tee fits over the outlet pipe of the stove and you cap the bottom end. Any condensed fluid drips down into cap to be evaporated.

The Fisher Forum has relevant information for your stove.
Very cool. My parents had a Timberline T-24 (double doors) model back around '79 or '80 and my brother had the single door T-18 model. Great stoves.
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