stove chimney connection help

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  1. J

    What do I need to pass through drywall into a flue liner in a masonry chimney?

    Hi all, we moved into a home with an old Vermont Castings Vigilant stove that we are replacing with a new Drolet Escape 1800 as well as the old single wall stove pipe and adding a flue liner. We are doing this ourselves because we had a chimney sweep guy come to clean out the chimney and inspect...
  2. qwikstart

    Replace all pipe or just add cleanout+increase length - Mt Vernon-old

    First, A huge thank you for this site and contributors. I have been reading posts for two days and have learned so much. New to pellet stoves - bought used Mt Vernon from craigslist - not AE. Far more complex than I thought - exhaust, control board etc... Always knew cleaning anything is the...
  3. N

    Wood burning stove installation 6 inch pipe to 8in flue

    Hello, I’m trying to connect a new wood burning stove to an existing chimney. The chimney is already existing and is a 8 inch pipe (see attached photos). I have some questions about the connection to the existing 8 inch chimney. After remove the existing fireplace what was left was the 8in...
  4. O

    Old timberline connecting stove to stovepipe issue

    I have an old Timberline. The back inner hole opening to the stove is 7 3/4". The to pipe to slip into the hole though is 8 inches. What do I use to connect the two. Even the crimped end does not fit in the back of the stoves opening. Thank you
  5. J

    Appalachian Gemini XL

    Hello, Everyone I purchased a used Appalachian Gemini Xl with the model year 2003 on it. I am building a new home and want to put it as my fireplace. It is a zero clearance insert so it will go right into the fireplace framing and not be free standing. It is basically a insert put into a...