stove collar

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  1. O

    Old timberline connecting stove to stovepipe issue

    I have an old Timberline. The back inner hole opening to the stove is 7 3/4". The to pipe to slip into the hole though is 8 inches. What do I use to connect the two. Even the crimped end does not fit in the back of the stoves opening. Thank you
  2. Chamel

    Sirocco 30 How connect stove collar to DVL Chminey?

    Hi everyone! My sirocco 30 just arrived! :) I'm trying to figure out how much pipe I will need but I'm having trouble fitting the DVL stove adapter to the stove collar. I tried fitting my adjustable 12'' piece of DVL and it fits really nicely to the bottom of the stove collar. So my questions...