Jotul 602 and Excel Pipe Question

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New Member
Jan 21, 2016
Northern Wisconsin
Happy New Year everyone, My husband and I are installing a Jotul 602 in our little cabin and got Excel Stove pipe from our local Stoveworks Store. The owner made a list of all the pipe we needed and it seemed to make sense, until today. We have a "Stove Adapter" that we aren't sure what to do with. On the Excel/ICC website under this part it says "Connect ULTRABlack to stoves with flue collars that do not project above the top of the stove. It can also be used to connect to stoves with irregular shaped or sized flue collars." ( But our Flue Collar does project a bit on the Jotul 602. Right? When looking at all the pieces, it seems like the 4"-6" adapter should go right into the top of the stove, but that leaves us with this Stove Adapter that we have no idea what to do with. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!
If the stove pipe fits snugly into the factory supplied adapter/increaser then the appliance adapter is not necessary. The crimped end of the stove pipe faces the stove and inserts into the Jotul adapter.