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  1. A

    Jøtul 602 in old masonry chimney

    Hi! First time posting to this forum. I have a Jøtul 602 that fits nicely into the firebox of my existing and very old masonry chimney. Can I run a stainless steel flexi liner all the way from the top vent of the wood Stove to the top of the chimney using one of those flexi liner kits? If so is...
  2. H

    Jotul 602 125 mm to 6" Duravent connection. Please Help

    Hello, I'm trying to attach my Jotul 602 wood stove with a 6" double wall duravent chimney. I have a 4.5" 125mm opening from the stove and a 6" chimney pipe with the 6DT-FC adaptor in it. I can't find a 125mm to 6" adapter that seems like it will fit into the 6DT-FC piece. Help? -Nathan
  3. R

    Jotul 602, 40+ yrs. old & want to replace

    rorser Member  Jan 27, 2010  57  1 Loc: Santa Cruz, CA, USA NewFriends, I would be grateful if anyone here could advise me. I have two Jotul 602 stoves. Just plain 602, no glass door, surely 40+ years old. We have been very happy with them, and they are just right for the rooms they heat. I...
  4. D

    Jotul 602cb replacement opinions

    Hello , Newcbdo that ...We have 1500 square open floor plan with cathedral ceilings. Generally fires are burned through out the day and loaded before bed . In morning the stove is dumped and started over . We have done this a number of years without issue. By the end of last winter we started...
  5. F

    Jotul 602N side plates questions

    I inherited a 602N but the side plates are bowed inward and cracked. I can feel the insulation behind them. The top plate seems good and the exterior is intact and has a nice black enamel. I'm running a stove that isn't airtight currently and it's costly. Question 1: If I order new plates...
  6. J

    Jotul 602 and Excel Pipe Question

    Happy New Year everyone, My husband and I are installing a Jotul 602 in our little cabin and got Excel Stove pipe from our local Stoveworks Store. The owner made a list of all the pipe we needed and it seemed to make sense, until today. We have a "Stove Adapter" that we aren't sure what to do...
  7. W

    Jotul 602 B . . . 5" or 6" Pipe?

    Hi folks. I recently picked up a well maintained Jotul 602 B and have been pondering my strategy for installation. This is a venerable workhorse of a stove, and I desire to operate it as efficiently as possible on seasoned wood. I will be running pipe straight through the roof from the top...
  8. tuuli

    Jotul 602/Morso Squirrel vs BK Sirocco 20

    I've read a bunch around here, and wanted to ask your opinions. Heating a roughly 256sq ft room with plenty of ventilation and solidly insulated (either rigid board or wool), I realize that most of my options are overkill. From what I've calculated, I only need roughly 12k btu/hr for that space...