Majolica Brown Pipe or High-Temp Paint

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Sep 16, 2016
I recently bought a Majolica Brown Enamel Jotul F500 Oslo and it didn’t come with the stove pipe. My Chimney is 8 inches so I intend to get a 6 inch pipe with a extender to connect to my 8 inch pipe.

However, I was wondering if I could either source a 6 inch Majolica Brown pipe, or if anybody sole the high-temp majolica brown enamel so I could paint a standard black pipe brown. Any thoughts?
You can buy a Stove Bright paint color that will match the Majolica Brown CLOSELY, but not EXACTLY. That color is a baked on porcelain enamel.
Vermont Castings used to offer enamelized connector pipe, but it was very expensive. I haven't seen anyone offer that in a while, but maybe someone else knows of a source. If you paint the matte black pipe, it'll be fine.
It may be hard to get an exact match, but Stove Brite has several brown paint colors. Not sure what would be the closest match, maybe bark brown?

However, first check with the stove pipe support first to make sure that the paint is compatible. Stove Bright paints are acetone based which will dissolve some non-acetone paint with ugly results. I found this out the hard ways several years back.
Thanks for the advice. Good to know. It's true that it's better to have matte black and a non-matching brown, so I'll keep that in mind. I'm new to this wood stove thing but I'm learning fast. I'll read more around the forum to select a pipe supplier as well.
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