1. BamaRama

    Roofer painted chimney

    The roofers painted my Supervent chimney to match the roof. I did not want it painted and no one asked. Prior to job start I told the roofing contractor verbatim, " If you need to change anything on the chimney, let me know". and there's nothing in the contract about painting it. Once it's...
  2. H

    Painting buck 91 and single wall pipe

    What would you recommend paint wise for painting single wall pipe and a buck 91 stove? And would 1200°F paint be high enough for the exterior? I don't want a horrible paint job, I tend to want to do it right the first time and not have to go through the trouble of doing it again a second time. TIA!
  3. S

    Cleaning and Repainting Old Stove

    I bought an older plate steel stove for a decent price. The unit is structurally good but pretty sooty/grimmy. What is the best thing to use to clean this? After I clean it I think I will likely repaint. The current paint is just alittle worn but not peeling or flaking. As far as prep, how much...
  4. R

    temp and paint for inside of convection wall?

    Hi I am building an overkill alcove for a wood stove that is replacing a fireplace and chimney in earthquake country (the building department would not allow a more normal design). I will be tiling the first five or six feet of the inside of the alcove and need convection walls so am framing...
  5. S

    Painting a Defiant II with light surface rust

    I have a Defiant with surface rust. No deep pitting or anything like that. I've been torn between Stove bright or Williams Stove Polish. Leaning to paint...wondering if this process will work......brush loose rust etc away, apply OSPHO, allow to dry overnight, then spray with Stove Bright...
  6. R

    Quadrafire Isle Royal rusting

    Hello, I have a quadrafire isle royale stove that has surface rust (I have an old dog that licks the stove). The stove is matte black so I plan on using a wire brush and vinegar to remove the rust and then re-paint it with stove paint. The question I have is that the top loading part, the...
  7. brettdacosta

    Stove paint Q&A

    I'm looking to paint our stove strictly to change the color. The 4 main options I've found are... - Stove bright ( - Thurmalox ( - TemperKote / Flame control ( - Rustoleum (home depot /...
  8. C

    Need Paint for Quadra Fire 5100 Insert

    Hi All, We have purchased a Quadra Fire 5100 insert and are having a custom surround made. The surround needs to be painted, so we need paint that matches the stove (exact black, sheen, etc.). The dealer said it could take 4-6 weeks to get a couple of cans of spray paint in stock. Installation...
  9. S

    Enamel v. Paint

    I just bought an Jotul Oslo F 500 with blue black enamel. It just got installed and it looks like matte black to me. I thought the enamel would be a little shiny because that is how it looks in pictures. At the store they only had matte black so I don't actually know what it looks like in...
  10. K

    Majolica Brown Pipe or High-Temp Paint

    I recently bought a Majolica Brown Enamel Jotul F500 Oslo and it didn’t come with the stove pipe. My Chimney is 8 inches so I intend to get a 6 inch pipe with a extender to connect to my 8 inch pipe. However, I was wondering if I could either source a 6 inch Majolica Brown pipe, or if anybody...
  11. W

    Emulsion paint causing fumes?

    Hi, we had a stove fitted 6 months ago which has never stopped giving off a chemical type odour when up to a decent temperature. At first i put this down to the paint on the stove curing but surely that can't be the issue after so long. If anything the smell seems to come from the fire board...
  12. KillerWhale

    Paint around wood stove set in fireplace

    Hello again everyone. I am having a Jotul F100 free standing (non-insert) set halfway into my fireplace. I was thinking of cleaning up the inside of the FP as some of it will be slightly visible under the legs and on the brick walls. I have seen some nice photos on here of what people have done...