Stove Bright Paint Colors

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Dec 8, 2019
Olympic Peninsula
Hi everyone, curious if anyone has pictures of their stoves painted with stove bright. Can’t seem to find any example pictures on the internet. Probably will just go with satin black on mine to play it safe but curious about some of the other colors.
Lighting really affects the look of some of the colors. Go to Woodstock's website to see some variations. They use Stove Brite paints and have user pictures of all sorts of colors used on the framework of the Fireview and on the body of the Ideal Steel.

BrotherBart's 30NC is painted honey brown or something like that I think.

BrotherBart 30 first fire.jpg
My regency was blue metallic for a while but it's black again now.
Metallic black is very nice, really bring everything out...try a few different cans on cardboard if you're trying to decide.
If only they could find a way to make the sheen stay on after firing. It's so gorgeous when you put a fresh coat of Stove Brite satin on, but kind of a bummer to watch the sheen go from alive to gun metal drab after the heat flares it off. Even still tho, a new coat is nice.