Jotul 500 Rust

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New Member
Nov 30, 2023
Have an Ivory colored Jotul 500 that the top has rusted, along with a few chips here and there. The top is the biggest concern. I contacted a local Jotul dealer a couple of years ago and inquired about how to resolve...they basically told me to live with it, as it is finished with a ceramic enamel and there was no way to repair it.

As it's gotten worse over time, I'm thinking of taking a wire brush to the top of it, and then repaint just to improve the appearance...but....
jotul stove top.jpg
I'm having difficulty finding the Ivory color paint, (other than a small 1/2 oz. bottle of touch-up for $39). The spray paint that I've discovered is not recommended for "wood stoves" ie, gas only.

Any Thoughts/Suggestions...?
I would try wire wheeling it instead of wire brushing. I would also remove the griddle & have it stripped separately. Maybe sand blasted, & leave it unfinished. Many enamel stoves have a bare metal griddle, so that would leave you with less surface to repaint. I would try the Stove Bright Jotul gas vent paint, even if it requires frequent touch up.
Thurmolox sells an ivory stove paint