jotul 500

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  1. G

    Jotul 500 v3 and advice

    Hi there, I love this forum. Always reading through and now I find myself looking for help from the experts. We have a 3400 soft bungalow log home shaped like an L. In the corner of the L is a great room , approximately 900sqft and 24ft high ceilings. We currently have a RSF Delta fireplace...
  2. touchthewindrider

    Help me understand the Jotul 500

    I have been burning a VC Dutchwest Sequoia for the last twenty years in a 2000sqft single story house. I've rebuilt it a couple of times, replaced the catalytic combustor every couple of years; get up in the middle of the night and stoked it with wood and use wood with a moisture content of 15%...
  3. J

    Older Oslo 500 rehab

    Just acquired a 17 year old Olso 500. Well maintained by one owner. Pd 550.00. No abuse or over fire. It's my chance to move from and older vigilant dual fuel. Question - any owners with advice on what to check, repack, recement, replace based on age? Stove has the original cast plates over...