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New Member
May 24, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Hi there,

I love this forum. Always reading through and now I find myself looking for help from the experts.

We have a 3400 soft bungalow log home shaped like an L. In the corner of the L is a great room , approximately 900sqft and 24ft high ceilings. We currently have a RSF Delta fireplace and it’s horrible. We are reloading every 30 minutes or so and the best output is terrible. I am looking for something that will sustain us in emergencies. We are in Canada so winters are cold. My old place we had the Jotul Oslo V2. I was thinking to get a new Oslo but here’s my concerns:
We have an 8” pipe. I think it can be used if we get an adaptor but will we have greater heat loss?
Is the V3 any good being a fusion model?
Will this heat such a large room and beyond with the cubic square feet being so big?
Any idvice and recos would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone


Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
That’s a lot of space to heat. F500 v3 has had issues. The collective opinion is we are not sure they are fixed. I’m guessing That the Delta is a zero clearance unit. Read up on your options regarding modifications and replacement of a zero clearance unit and Confirm it is a zero clearance install.



New Member
May 24, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Thanks for your reply Evan!
The other option is I keep the RSF as is and put a stove at each part of the L shape house. The shorter part of the L is the bedroom area. 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. I think the master room with the stove might get too hot but I could put a small Jotul 602 in there. The longer part of the L shape house is the entrance, mud room, office, guest room and classroom (we homeschool). I don’t have an ideal location for a big stove there so it would need to be close to the wall but still have good output. I was thinking of the Morso 7943 but the logs would need to be short. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also wanted to make sure I could cook on the stove in emergencies. Adding two stoves would be expensive too as we would need all new chimney systems.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
The Delta is a good ZC and capable of significant heat output. It is a highly radiant fireplace too. The issue in part is the 24' ceiling height. That is 3 times average and a lot of cubic footage to heat. A great deal of heat is going to pocket in the upper third of that space. Ceiling fans will help. but given the size of the house, an additional heater(s) would help. During a power outage, it might be good to close off the great room if possible and not try to heat it. The house sq ftg is large at 3400 sq ft, but the cubic ftg. could make it more like heating a 6000 sq ft house. If there are a lot of large window areas, then it could be more like 7000 sq ft with significant heat loss through the glazing.

Note that if the master room is the master bedroom, stoves are not allowed to be installed there under most circumstances. Can you post a sketch of the floorplan?


Minister of Fire
May 22, 2010
Utah & NJ
Pictures make everything online easier.