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  1. S

    Looking for a pellet stove thimble for a Pellet Vent Pipe 5 5-inch outer diameter.

    I have a Jamestown J1000 that came with an OEM pellet vent pipe that is designed to vent and draw in air as well. The inner diameter is 3 inches and the outer diameter is 5 inches. I'm having a really hard time finding a thimble for it. Any suggestions?
  2. T

    Fireplace pipe

    I removed an old 1980s prefab fireplace and cut the pipe to do so. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the bottom section removed. I can't figure out how it comes apart or what brand it would be. I attached pics, any suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. U

    nashua nfp-2 install!

    Hello! New member here! I grew up from basically birth all the way until I was 19 years old, using and familiarizing myself in the use of the family wood stove. Now that was 15 years ago and I fondly remember the days of stoking and chopping. However, I was not born prior to the stoves...
  4. gillfinn

    Upland 17, thimble question.

    Hello, I'm doing a garage install and I have an Upland 17 and I'm wondering what type of thimble would be best for my situation? It seems to be pretty straight forward, through the plywood siding with vinyl on the exterior. I have J-channel to finish off the exterior, it just seems there are...
  5. N

    What kind of thimble do i need?

    Hello, here is how my chimney guy left things after installing the new 6” stainless steel liner: What do i need to buy to connect my stove pipe safely to this? It will be going through a completely non-combustible wall (steel studs, cement board, thin brick). The threads i’ve read are all...
  6. K

    Need help identifying stove pipe

    We bought a used pacific energy woodstove and it came with the pipe. Unfortunately we need a few more pieces of pipe but we can’t figure out what type of pipe we have! I don’t know if this matters but we’re in Canada. There are no stickers or anything to identify on the pipes. The woodstove was...
  7. C

    Insulation and framing by pipe

    I'm new to having a wood stove and am concerned that the ceiling framing and insulation is currently too close to the stove pipe. I might be wrong because it's not directly against the actual pipe, but I'm looking for clarity.
  8. G

    Pellet Stove Venting Question

    Hello! I'm looking to replace this wood stove of mine with a nice pellet stove. I'm trying to stay under the 2.5k budget and find something with a decent hopper size and ash tray. Nice big glass front is a plus. If you have any recommendations, I'd be so grateful! My house is about 1,500 square...
  9. O

    Which Way Should I Go?

    Hi Folks, Here's what I have: Chimney: internal, within an 1850s Cape Cod (2-story, with an "L"), with a 20-25 feet run from the ground floor to the top, now properly capped at the top against rain/critters/downdrafts. Chimney is clay-lined (6"x6" liner). New Wood-Burning Cookstove: ABC...
  10. B

    Blaze King ke40 Installation

    I have been looking at getting a Blaze King King 40 and the manual has an image showing no less than 2' from the top of the stove to the bottom of a horizontal pipe. They recommend 3' for that distance. I currently have an 8" horizontal run through my wall at 53" from the bottom of that pipe...
  11. C

    Creosote running down wall

    My husband and I recently bought a house with a wood stove and the first time (and only time) we tried to use it last fall it started to leak black liquid down from where the pipe and wall meet, but it leaks even when we don't use it! We've had chimney people come out and inspect it and have...
  12. M

    Collar stove with GAP!

    Hi there, I’m living in a narrowboat and already starts thinking about the cold season. I’ve been using a boatman stove and found that the collar has a lil gap, is a matter of mm, but when I put the fire def I can see through. What u would suggest? Someone told me the collar is not replaceable...
  13. C


    Looking to put some caulking around the double wall pipe that’s in the house. What type should I use?? My local Lowe’s and Home Depot have no good selection. Nothing for high temp for some reason
  14. A

    Help :/ Zero Clearance Removal Keep Same Pipe

    Hello! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I’m having trouble finding other threads with the exact same issue as me. I would really appreciated any help. We’re replacing an old Napoleon ZCF with a free standing wood stove. I’d like to remove the current ZCF but keep the...
  15. 5

    Piping question into Harmon 52i

    Straight to the point Question : Can I cut the PL pipe where it connects to the stove ? Story: New owner of a Harmon 52i. I am Installing this stove into a zero clearance box inside of a "closet" (build out wall). I purchased the double wall pellet stove piping need for the install from the...
  16. S

    6 inch SS single wall tee snout to single wall 6 inch stove pipe exact same size

    Hello, maybe one of you guys can help me gain some wisdom by not making a mistake first. What do i need to connect a 6 inch diameter tee snout to a 6 inch black stove pipe? At first glance I thought I could just put the male end of the stove pipe into the tee snout but they are exactly the...
  17. W

    Please help identify this pipe.

    Hi everyone. My wife and I purchased a Woodstock soapstone Ideal steel stove so we could reduce our ridiculous oil bill in our newly purchased home. I am sad to say I have had no succes in getting it installed. Our house has a manufactured stainless steel flue that was installed inside a chase...
  18. D

    Trouble connecting metalbestos ss 8” chimney pipe

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. After looking through the broad spectrum of topics here I can’t seem to find an answer to my question. I’m trying to reinstall a “metalbestos model ss” chimney on the back of my house. (Moved from the front last year). The original tee was very used...
  19. D

    Single wall pipe

    I put a wood burner in my finished basement and the pipe needs to through a wall(which no longer had drywall and is now cement board and stone) then travels 36" to the chimney. The space behind the wall is dead space due to the way it was laid out when the basement was finished. The nearest...
  20. T

    Advise on storm collars

    hello to all, Recently discovered that I had a leak coming down my chimney pipe( stainless double insulated 6 inch pipe/ 30 foot) and discovered that the calking has failed around my storm collar. Desided to use leak stopper( heavy tar plastic type material) I was wondering if it is safe to use...
  21. J

    How to remove double wall chimney pipe

    Hi all, our stove pipe runs single wall downstairs, then switches to double wall in the bedroom. I believe the double wall section in the bedroom has a leak. I can see creosote stains on a joint. How do I remove the stove pipe sections so that I can take a look. Do I just pull the locking rings...
  22. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...
  23. R

    flue pipe proximity to electric wiring and studs

    Greetings from the northeast. I just bought a mobile home this year. I need a backup heat source, so I plan on installing a pellet stove. I am familiar with the necessary clearances in relation to doors, windows, and combustibles, but my flue pipe would be running very close to some electrical...
  24. Crimson Blaze

    Stove pipe temperature (over firing)

    Hi everyone! I have a small Morso 1440 wood burning stove. Our manual says that its maximum temperature is 750 degrees when measures on the stove pipe at 20 cm above the stove. Above 750 in that spot is considered over firing. However, we have a double walled stove pipe, so we can't get an...
  25. SteveHyper

    Can anyone identify the brand of my twin wall flue pipe?

    I need to get some parts (single to twin adapter, brackets etc.) but need to know what brand the pipes are to make sure they're compatible. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm in the UK if that helps.
  26. B

    Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney

    Hey guys! I am a newbie to the pellet stove thing and just picked up a Harman P61A to replace my coal stove in the family room. Thought that it would be easy to just call the local dealer and have them install it. Well they quoted me $1,200.00. Really need an affordable option and not sure how...
  27. D

    Pellet Stove Piping

    So my old englander finally bit the big one. Bought a new one from HD. Problem i ran into was i couldnt get the old stove from the tee. Soooo out came the hammer. I wasnt worried because i have a brand new tee i never used. So i beat the crap out of it LOL . Well the old pipe (selkirk) wont...
  28. Euphoria

    Pellet burner installation advice needed please - concerning issues

    Hello everyone, it's my first time posting here so I'll start by saying hi... "Hi" :) I apologise in advance, this is a long post as I have a few different questions and worries, therefore I want to explain in detail as I'm quite concerned. Situation and my concerns: My elderly father has...
  29. S

    chimney liner question

    Hello long time lurker first time poster. I am brand new to wood burning and have yet to burn a log. I picked up a naploen 1402 insert and and am unsure what type of pipe I need to install it into my fireplace. My chimney is ceramic lined and is wide enough to accommodate a 6 inch pipe. My...
  30. M

    Flue pipe ideas

    Hi there guys i have joined up on this forum for some ideas for my wood burning stove flue pipe I have build myself a wood cabin and decided to put a wood burner in, i started by fitting the hearth , Ive got that in and the small wood burner , the wood burner i have used has 5inch flue coming...