Pellet Stove Venting Question

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Sep 19, 2022
Brewster Ny
Hello! I'm looking to replace this wood stove of mine with a nice pellet stove. I'm trying to stay under the 2.5k budget and find something with a decent hopper size and ash tray. Nice big glass front is a plus. If you have any recommendations, I'd be so grateful! My house is about 1,500 square feet.

My main question is: my current flue is 6" I believe - can I step the 3" exhaust on the outlet of the pellet stove to this 6" flue? I know pellet stoves have blowers to assist in draft, but I am not sure if I'm asking for soot to build up near the chimney. If I can't do that, would it be better to run a 3" like to the chimney, or patch the chimney and do a separate outlet on the wall which is an outside wall.
If it were me I'd run a 4-inch pellet vent to a reducer at your ceiling
because the pellet vent is double wall and lighter than
the stove pipe and locks together. Less strain on the stove outlet
For a stove buy what your better half likes but buy higher output
(BTU) than you think you need when really cold easer to turn up a
bigger stove than get more heat from a maxed-out stove
A 2.5 K budget will get you a big box store stove Remember you
get what you pay for There are some go stoves and some not so good
Good Luck
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Your best bet is to go out the wall. You are also asking questions that no one should try and answer as each stove manual will tell you how far and what size pipe for the length of run, they are all different depending on the exhaust rating of the stove. Some will require 4" with x amount of feet of exhaust, others don't allow for 4" at all in the install.

So decide on a couple of stoves then look up the manuals online and they will give you the installation requirements and you should be able to determine your best way of exhausting.

Remember to leave room for maintenance around and behind the stove. Most stoves will fit within inches of the walls and pass inspection but if you have room go further away just for ease of maintaining the stove.
Good luck, stay warm!