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  1. H

    Annoying noise from Piazzetta Monia Pellet Stove

    Hi. I have an 8 year old Piazzetta Monia and it’s making a weird noise during startup and for about 10 minutes after. Almost a squealing noise like air is being sucked in or something. Thanks for any advice.
  2. H

    Slow Auger movement on Hearthland)? pellet stove

    I have an older stove that came with our house (2 years for us) we have enjoyed this stove for many years, last year the Auger stopped turning. I took apart the back cover and removed the auger motor, it does spin when not attached to the auger. The auger was jammed but I cleared it up and it...
  3. S

    Looking for a pellet stove thimble for a Pellet Vent Pipe 5 5-inch outer diameter.

    I have a Jamestown J1000 that came with an OEM pellet vent pipe that is designed to vent and draw in air as well. The inner diameter is 3 inches and the outer diameter is 5 inches. I'm having a really hard time finding a thimble for it. Any suggestions?
  4. M

    PM 2000 need some help

    I recently acquired a Pellet master pm 2000 stove and was cleaning it out to get ready for this coming winter. When I removed the top plate to clean ash off of the heat exchanger tubes there was 3 flat metal pieces about a 1/4 inch thick with a 90⁰ bend on each side. It seems as though they...
  5. 9

    Industry folks, have I got a hilarious photo for you!!!

    Found at the local resale shop. Laughed for 5 minutes straight and considered re-selling :D
  6. S

    Pellet furnace added to existing forced air

    I just took a look at my natural gas bill for the last month and it got me looking at ways to supplement my heat. I don't have a good place to put a pellet stove, to disperse heat throughout my house. I found some pellet furnaces that tie into your existing forced air ductwork but it looks...
  7. K

    Is this normal: Cold air blowing from two side holes on the Whitfield WP2 Advantage pellet stove insert?

    Hello everyone, I have a Whitfield WP2 Advantage pellet stove insert from 1990. The stove has two rectangular holes on the side (see the pictures) that seem to blow semi-warm air out. Is that normal? Even though the holes are close to the door frame, they are not part of the door frame. Air is...
  8. A

    Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Won't Turn Off

    My house has a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert that we've been using for about three years now. We've had a couple of problems with it and I've been able to solve them like replacing the relay on the control board after the igniter stayed on continuously. But I've got a new problem that I...
  9. G

    Pellet Stove Venting Question

    Hello! I'm looking to replace this wood stove of mine with a nice pellet stove. I'm trying to stay under the 2.5k budget and find something with a decent hopper size and ash tray. Nice big glass front is a plus. If you have any recommendations, I'd be so grateful! My house is about 1,500 square...
  10. wildbroncgirl

    Lopi Deerfield just installed. Smoke and smoke smell throughout house. Restrictor adjustment??

    I have had some experiences with pellet stoves... some old stove - not sure of brand - in Montana. The kind you use fire gel to start. And even then the sad old thing wouldn't like to start. However it worked and kept us warm and no smoke inside and hardly any dust. And then a Quadrafire...
  11. T

    American harvest 6039

    I just bought a used American harvest 6039 pellet stove from an online market. I took it home cleaned and installed it and it ran great but I had an issue with the stir pot catching. So I fixed that issue and when I was sure it was clean and running great I went and got some wood pellets. I put...
  12. T

    Auger rotates and unplugs

    My dad put in a new auger last year. It's a pelpro stove. The two connections plug in from the stove to the auger , both have a white connector. In the middle of the night we freeze to death because the two connectors come apart. You cant electric tape them, they still come apart. It's like it...
  13. coffeecup86

    New house, new pellet stove. Lots of questions.

    My husband and I just bought a home 6 weeks ago, which came with a pellet stove as the secondary source of heat. The poor thing was pretty ill kept and very full of brown dust/soot? The fan and blower was caked with it. The first week we ran it everything was getting covered in this brown dust...
  14. C

    Electric bill for pellet stove

    Anyone tell me how much much your electric bill went up with just using your pellet stove? Average.
  15. K

    Northwest (OR, WA) Blazer pellets $270 for a ton at Farm Store in Chehalis, WA

    Blazer pellets are running $270 for a ton at Farm Store in Chehalis, WA. Just got a ton.
  16. C


    Anyone running 50/50 mix of corn and pellets in there p43??
  17. M

    Regency GFI 55 Pellet Insert

    I'm a first time pellet stove owner and I missed a few topics in my research prior to purchasing the GFI 55 pellet insert for a brick faced fireplace. The surround rattles. The installer said it's due to the flimsy metal that the surround is made of. Fix is to press on various spots until the...
  18. R

    England Pellet Stove - Control Board Change

    I have a pellet stove (England SmartStove) top mount control board, has anyone ever switched to the side mount that allows for adjustments? Is this possible? I’m looking at it due to it not heating the space well (basement - 900ft2) it only gets it up to 67-68°. I have fresh air plumbed in from...
  19. C

    Poll: Harman P35i vs Lopi AGP

    Heya - I'm trying to decide on a pellet insert. All things equal, what would you choose... the Harman P35i or the Lopi AGP? Thanks!
  20. R

    USSC 6039 question

    Hello. I’m new to the pellet world. Locally here in PA I found someone selling a USSC 6309 made in 2006. He bought it, said he cleaned it, went over it and ran it for a day with no problems. This was going to go in my basement. I have a few questions. Is this a good pellet stove to acquire, how...
  21. J

    POWER LIGHT flashing, not status light...HELP

    Have been heating our home in Wisconsin with a Harman Accentra for about 5 years. Almost trouble free except for having to replace the control board about 2 years ago. That's the history. Must mention that I clean this stove every 3 weeks. Yesterday the stove started to SURGE, and growl. It...
  22. J

    Converting from Pellet to Propane

    Hello! My older pellet stove died and I replaced it with a used propane Warnock Hersey stove. It came with a wide vent pipe and a pipe that goes through the middle, looks thin kinda like a dryer vent. My pellet stove that was there has a vent that uses pellet venting which is pretty thick. My...
  23. B

    Blower Fan Cuts Off

    Hi, I have a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove. The blower fan has a problem in that it cuts off when I increase the speed. If I start on the lowest speed setting for the blower, I can gradually increase the speed using the dial, and the I can hear that the fan speed increases. When I get...
  24. G

    Eco 65 problems

    Hello. I have a eco 65 pellet stove. Just did a full clean and tried to start it but the switch is not powering the unit on. It shows up red for off so it’s getting power but it won’t respond to anything. If I unplug the cable from it the stove blowers will turn on. anyoke know how to test the...
  25. C

    Quadrafire 1200i does not start on its old after it’s cold

    Hello, I just bought a brand new quadrafire 1200i pellet stove and have had it for only a week. I have a huge house so I set the thermostat to 80 degrees and keep it on highfrom 4-11pm heats the house to about 74. I think have the thermostat set to 68 at night but for some reason the stove...
  26. O

    Jamestown J1000 Combustion fan fix

    Our house came with a Circa 1994 Jamestown pellet stove. This little stove is priceless and performs as needed for our 1500 sq ft house. About 2 weeks ago, the combustion fan started making a terrible noise. In my forum investigating, I found 2 things 1. Jamestown does not carry or has very...
  27. Dana Kayal

    Low heat output Drolet ECO 65

    I have an Enviro EF-V & a Drolet Eco65 & struggling hard. I had poor heat last year when I replaced my Enviro with my Drolet. I blamed it on the pellets or wondered if I was my imagination that I got way more heat out of the enviro. The manufacturer thus far has been no help & the local pellet...
  28. P

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    I’ve heard a bit from some pellet manufacturers that pellet supply is short this year and everyone is increasing price across the board. Anyone else heard anything similar? My company just took in 1000+ tons with a good early buy deal to combat raising prices
  29. S

    Thoughts on Ravelli Vittoria?

    We are building a small (1200 sf) cape cod style home in the Poconos. A pellet stove that can be ducted to a couple of rooms seems ideal.We would be ducting it to the room above the main room where the stove will be located and to the basement (since that is conditioned space and thus requires...
  30. T

    Enviro EF2 not working.. tried everything (I think)

    Hi first post here, saw a lot of great info and hope someone can help. I bought a house and it has an Enviro EF2 FS pellet stove. This is my first time dealing with any kind of stove. The auger motor is not getting power. Replaced the motor, dial-a-fire switch, and timing board with a 3second...