Regency GFI 55 Pellet Insert

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Apr 16, 2021
I'm a first time pellet stove owner and I missed a few topics in my research prior to purchasing the GFI 55 pellet insert for a brick faced fireplace.

The surround rattles. The installer said it's due to the flimsy metal that the surround is made of. Fix is to press on various spots until the vibration stops but it starts again after a period of time. Does anyone have a long lasting solution?

The fan is very loud making it difficult for conversation and TV watching. The low to medium stove fan volume is like a box fan running on medium/high. There is a feature to turn off the stove fan but it automatically turns on at a certain temp as a safety feature. This occurs about every 15 min on a low temp setting. Not a good choice for a family room that gets a lot of use.

The large burn box and glass viewing area were selling features. However, a large box means more pellets equals more heat. On the lowest setting the stove gives off too much heat for spring and fall weather. Soot accumulates on the glass after about 4 hours of use then slowly spread to the entire surface. Burning different types/brands of pellets did not reduce the soot volume.

With the rattling, loud fan, seasonal limitation and soot obscuring flame, I'm looking for a suitable replacement now that I know the features to look for beyond reliability, efficiency and ash production.

Hope this information helps others!
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First, Fan noise is inherent to all stoves with a fan
some are louder than others but they all have it
Your heat output should be adjustable by proper
set up
Surround noise I can make no comment or solution as
I am not there to hear it or make adjustments
Ash on the glass is normal some stoves have an air wash
which helps but they do eventually get dirty
Generally and this is my opinion and has no reflection on you but
I do not think you will find a pellet stove that will ever match your requirements
They make ash and are relatively noisy. They need considerable patience and
it is a love-hate relationship. My stove is 20 years old this year and I would not be without it
makes reliable heat when I need it and is cleaned often without fanfare
You sound as if you have a little buyers remorse
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It's mechanical, consequently the mechanical parts will make noise. Fact of life. I do not and will never recommend to anyone buying an insert unit because of the cleaning issues. Freestanding units are much, much easier to maintain and you do have to maintain them or you'll be real disappointed.

Far as the sheet metal surround, you can mitigate the vibration noise by removing it and applying adhesive foam gasket tape around the edges on the inside. That will mitigate the vibration noise where it's contacting the hearth. Stuff is available at any box store. Called adhesive weatherstrip. Comes in a roll in various widths and thicknesses.

Far as the glass getting 'sooted' up. Not soot, it's fly ash and they all do it to some extent. The biggest lie that stove builders perpetrate is the 'air wash' fantasy. Ain't no 'air wash. It's a weenie

Get yourself a natural bristle paint brush (has to be natural bristle so it won't melt on the glass from the heat and open the door with it running and sweep the glass off with the brush. Go across the top horizontally and then vertically to the bottom in overlapping strokes, That will remove the 'soot' and the view glass will be clear again.

SOP for me. I do mine daily when I fill the hopper.

You can get natural bristle 'chip brushes' at Harbor Freight. Last time I bought them (a few months ago, they were 10 bucks for a dozen. Make good Turkey basters too.

Hate to bust you bubble but, there is no suitable replacement that burns biomass. They all share the same disadvantages. If you want a replacement you'll have to go with a propane or NG (depending on your fuel source) insert heater.
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