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  1. J

    Xtrordinair 44 Elite experience

    This will be long, and I'm not really trying to start a conversation, just putting some info out there for others - kind of a one-stop starting point for anyone that's looking for someone's setup and experience using one of these stoves. I've been lurking and gleaning information off this site...
  2. J

    MF Fire Nova 2 Review

    For all of you out there wondering about the MF Fire Nova 2 I figured I would post a review of it here. Disclaimer, this is my first wood stove so I do not have anything or any experiences to compare it to. Search for a stove After extensive research I finally settled on the Nova 2 for a few...
  3. I

    Drolet 1800i Feedback and Blower Failure

    I have a review and a problem. Feedback first. Review: I bought the Drolet 1800i in 2020, but it sat in my living room for a year before installing. Finally it was installed early this year, and I've loved it. It heats my whole house, and I can pack it to last most of the night. The...
  4. cloudmover

    Review - Regency Cascades I1500 Hybrid Catalytic Fireplace Insert

    In the summer of 2021, we had the Regency Cascades I1500 Hybrid Catalytic Fireplace Insert installed in our first-floor living room. It has been in service for three months. I now think I can give it a fair review. Am I happy I purchased it? Yes. Does it supplement the heat in my 2000 sq. ft...
  5. M

    Regency GFI 55 Pellet Insert

    I'm a first time pellet stove owner and I missed a few topics in my research prior to purchasing the GFI 55 pellet insert for a brick faced fireplace. The surround rattles. The installer said it's due to the flimsy metal that the surround is made of. Fix is to press on various spots until the...
  6. T

    Anyone use Instant Heat pellets or Energex Pellets?

    looking to see which one to purchase. Both hardwood the Energex is at $235 a ton whereas the Instant Heat is $250. Anyone who has used these pellets your input would be great. Thanks fellas
  7. VirginiaIron

    Country Hearth US Stove 3000

    We did not find a lot of online user information that we thought was valuable, so the purpose of this thread is to provide some information, hopefully valuable, for those individuals who might be considering this particular stove. I get buyers remorse very easily, so I did all my research and...
  8. L

    Harman Absolute 43 review

    I have a cabin in the Sierra at 7500' and got a Harman Absolute43 installed to replace an old wood burning stove. So far so good, the pellet stove work great, heats up the house in a hurry. The new display is convenient and offers a great deal of settings and information. The new burning pot...