Harman P35i Pellet Insert Installation in Framed Bumpout

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Mar 31, 2023
Hello all. I am new to this forum and am seeking some help and advice on my current situation. There was an existing doghouse bumpout the builder put in my home back when it was built in 2011. I now opened it up for an pellet insert, and created an integrated hearth using fire rated joists, fire rated plywood, rockwool insulation, hardieboard/backer board, and fire rated drywall enclosure around the area the insert would be. (This may be overkill but wanted to be extra safe). I made an outlet off an existing one in the back of the bumpout wall as well. I also plan on getting a bluestone hearth slab for the front of the stove to sit on. Photos of my setup are attached.

Anyhow, originally, I was planning on going with the Regency GFI55. The dealer told me it’s perfectly fine for a framed bumpout doghouse setup as long as it sits on a non combustible surface. Turns out, he was wrong, after I called the manufacturer and was told those models are only meant for masonry fireplace openings and I’d have to go with the larger M55 which could work with my setup. Well, I can’t do that because that would be overkill for one, as my main level it’s going in is only 1200-1300 sqft and a second level the heat may go into is also 1300. And also the price for the larger units is out of my range..I was VERY frustrated and disappointed that the dealer gave me false information. Especially doing all of the work I did and made the hole according to the specs of the unit. I actually cut it larger so I would have some more room to work with when maintaining it.

So, I had previously cut out the wall to fit the opening for the GFI55. But realized most stove inserts paneling will cover larger holes just fine so I’m good there.

I’m now looking at the harman p35i or quadrafire Santa Fe from a different dealer. I think my wife and I think the p35i is the way to go and would be perfect for our requirements. 12k-38k BTUs seems like it would do the job but I also wanted something that isn’t going to run us out of our living room (which is where the bumpout is). The new dealer I’m working with said the smaller quad stoves can just go right into the framed bumpout because they don’t burn as hot as the bigger ones, and the P35i will require a “zero clearance box” for an additional $450 in order for the stove to be in code for a bumpout. Which the stove would sit in the box and the box would need to be mounted inside.

I’m looking for any help from anyone who may have a similar setup as mine on how difficult it really is to install these (zero clearance box and stove itself). The P35i unit cost with the standard items such as trim etc from the dealer is around $4600. They quoted me $2000 to install it in my bumpout which includes setting up the zero clearance box and sawing holes through the back of the bumpout for the flue and combustion pipes. Which really can be done directly out the wall and doesn’t require them going up a Chimney.. my question is #1 could I install this on my own? (Yes i am handy). Is it really that difficult? The zero clearance box looks pretty simple. #2 is $2000 a bit steep for this type of installation? Just seems like it’s way over priced… and #3 is there anyone in the Baltimore/Harford county areas in Maryland that could install pellet inserts rather than me going through the dealers installers?

I’m attaching photos of my setup. Thank you all in advance for any help or information! I plan on going to the dealer this afternoon to set something up since today is the last day of their 10% off special off the unit price. Thank you!







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If you are handy and can follow instructions (most people don't read them)
You should have no problem installing the unit. suggest you get a rail kit and
a good surge suppressor.
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Thanks for the tip on the rail kit! I think it’s actually a good idea, so I won’t scratch my hearth slab up when sliding it in and out!

I went ahead and found another dealer who had the stove for a far cheaper price. I got the harman OAK as well. As far as the piping goes I don’t think I’ll need much due to my setup. I found a 4” UL vent piping kit online for around $260 which isn’t so bad.