Slow Auger movement on Hearthland)? pellet stove

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New Member
Dec 11, 2023
Edmonton, Canada
I have an older stove that came with our house (2 years for us) we have enjoyed this stove for many years, last year the Auger stopped turning.

I took apart the back cover and removed the auger motor, it does spin when not attached to the auger. The auger was jammed but I cleared it up and it spun freely , I put the motor back on and the auger spun with it. However once I put pellets into the hopper, the auger moves incredibly slowly, not nearly fast enough to feed the stove.

My questions are, how do I identify this stove and model? I have no manual and the only identifiable info is the pic I have attached. I am assuming it is an Hearthland stove based on the Warnock Hersey label

is it likely the motor or a vacuum switch. I am assuming the motor because it does rotate when not under pressure.

If it is the motor how do i identify a comparable part?

I would also like to know if this unit has any sort of self firing mechanism, we have always had to light it by placing some pellets in the pot and manually starting them.

any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated, it's starting to get real cold in Canada and I need to get this up and running.

2023-12-11 13.43.59.jpg
2023-12-11 14.00.09.jpg