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  1. J

    Pleasant Hearth Auger Woes

    Hello! My name is Jason. This is my first post. I just purchased my first home, and it came with a Pleasant Hearth PH50CABPS. Before trying to fire the stove for the first time, I read the manual and thoroughly cleaned the entire unit. This included removing the pellets from the hopper and...
  2. L

    Comfortbilt hopper ran low and had darkened pellets in it?

    This might seem like a non-problem, but I wanted to be safe than sorry. Last night I wasn’t the one topping off the hopper in our Comfortbilt stove, so I’m not sure where it started from but it got low enough this morning that the low temp alarm went off and the stove shut down. I got up...
  3. H

    Slow Auger movement on Hearthland)? pellet stove

    I have an older stove that came with our house (2 years for us) we have enjoyed this stove for many years, last year the Auger stopped turning. I took apart the back cover and removed the auger motor, it does spin when not attached to the auger. The auger was jammed but I cleared it up and it...
  4. J

    12v Testing Autoclean and Auger motors MT Vernon

    Might anyone know which colors are 12v +/- on the autoclean and auger motors of the Mt Vernon. I need to test my autoclean motor and it has Black, White, Red and Yellow. I don't want to ruin it by applying power incorrectly but want to understand if the motor is good or not. I get no errors...
  5. S

    Breckwell Big E not feeding enough pellets

    I have a Breckwell P1000 Big E (possibly an older one since it doesn't have the removable ash pan, hopefully not a knockoff) that doesn't seem to be feeding enough pellets to maintain a flame. The auger seemed a little clogged up with dust so I cleaned it out and it spins freely now. The motor...
  6. M

    Ravelli RV80 C - Auger not spinning

    First time poster here hope it makes sense: I have inherited the maintenance and service calls for Moms RV80 whenever it won't light or there is a code thrown. I'm pretty handy so it has been somewhat easy to figure out how the stove operates. Over the past couple months I have educated myself...
  7. B

    Osborne 3000 Auger Noise

    I have an Osborne 3000 pellet stove. Recently the auger has been making a grinding noise. I removed the auger and cleaned everything. Reinstalled it and it is still happening. It isn’t constant, but rather it happens in short bursts every 40 seconds or so. When I was cleaning the space the...
  8. T

    Auger rotates and unplugs

    My dad put in a new auger last year. It's a pelpro stove. The two connections plug in from the stove to the auger , both have a white connector. In the middle of the night we freeze to death because the two connectors come apart. You cant electric tape them, they still come apart. It's like it...
  9. J

    Could it be the Control Board? Inconsistencies in Pellet Feed on Englander 25PDVC-55SHP10

    For quite awhile, I was having trouble with my Auger Motor speeds, due to having incorrect motors. Finally got it swapped out & the stove was running like a CHARM for a solid month. Somewhere along the line, it started running hot again. This happened following a routine shutdown & cleaning. I...
  10. D

    US Stove 6039 Auger delay stays on

    I have a US Stove model 6039. My original board failed and I installed a US Stove and Breckwell PCB Circuit Board (80575) Everything works except the Auger which did work before the old board died. On the new board the "auger Delay" and "auto mode" flash. I've ran the stove for 30 mins by...
  11. R

    St Croix Auburn Auger problem

    I have a St Croix Auburn and I am having auger problems. I removed the auger and powered it directly from an outlet and it turns at a rate of 2RPM. This seems OK. When I connect it to the stove and power the stove on, the auger feed light never comes on and when I try to manually press the...
  12. T

    Enviro EF2 not working.. tried everything (I think)

    Hi first post here, saw a lot of great info and hope someone can help. I bought a house and it has an Enviro EF2 FS pellet stove. This is my first time dealing with any kind of stove. The auger motor is not getting power. Replaced the motor, dial-a-fire switch, and timing board with a 3second...
  13. C

    Harman P43 Squeak and Combustion Blower Shutoff

    Hello everyone. I'm new to posting but have used this site in the past to troubleshoot. I have two issues going on with my stove that may or may not be related. 1. My Harman P43 has been squeaking like crazy for months. For a while I could get it to stop by turning the temp all the way up for a...
  14. M

    Quadrafire 1200m Pellet Stove - Auger issues

    The past couple days we've been having multiple issues with our pellet stove. First the pellet stove call light would not come on, but the auger was releasing pellets but not catching fire. We would reset and then more pellets would just fill the bucket. After doing a thorough cleaning found...
  15. SonsofNutmeg

    Stove Auger has a “Reeling” Sound?

    Hi all. Anyone know what this might be? My 5 year old USSC 5660 pellet stove just started to have this “reeling” sound from the auger from time to time. I’m guessing this is when it’s dropping fuel down into the burn pot. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  16. O

    EF2 Auger Issues

    Hi guys, Long time lurker with pellet stove issues but new account/poster! I have an EF2 pellet stove from 1995, with the dial-a-fire analog control etc. I have a new problem where the auger will stop spinning and feeding the fire and it goes out... I've taken the entire thing apart...
  17. C

    Troubleshooting auger motor

    Hello everyone, I have a Drolet Eco 45 which stopped feeding pellets. I removed the motor and auger and vacuumed everything. The auger is clear and free of debris but when I apply power to the motor and press the "feed" button I only get a low hum. Nothing turns. I've also done this with the...
  18. T

    Harman Advance 2 Noise - Auger?

    Hi All, New to the forum, although I swear I had an account here a number of years ago when I was burning coal, oh well happy to be here! Just picked up a nice Harman Advance 2 last weekend. Finally got around to cleaning and vacuuming it all out per the Harman maintenance video. Well silly...
  19. J

    Intermittent Auger Power (Avalon 900)

    Hi all, I have had an Avalon 900 ('93-'96) for ~9 years, have replaced most parts throughout the years, give the exhaust pipes and cleanouts a thorough cleaning every month or two, but am now running into a new issue I just can't figure out. Any insight you can provide in order to avoid running...
  20. T

    CAB 50 problems! Newbie to self servicing

    New member and 1st post. Only joined to try to get some help. Service guy is about 2 weeks out so thought I might see if anybody has answers. Cab 50 is a little over a year old and about a month ago started dropping pellets only until the blower kicked on and then stopped feeding. I noticed...
  21. J

    Auger only turns in test mode

    I have a 10 year old Harman Accentra FS pellet stove. Periodically it stops feeding pellets. Sometimes it starts up, sometimes not because the auger does not feed. When I turn it in test mode, it feeds fine and sometimes it solves the problem. Sometimes not. I never get any error lights...
  22. J

    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not feed pellets

    So I bought an older Quadrafire Contour pellet stove secondhand. I think the stove is from 2001 (at least that seems to be the date on the control board.) I had it working for a few days but now the auger does not feed pellets anymore. When I plug it in the exhaust blower comes on and when I...
  23. M

    M55 auger squeak

    Hello, first time poster here. I bought an Enviro M55 3 years ago and it has overall been a great stove. I recently replaced the convection fan as the bearings were shot and made too much noise. Naturally now that the fan is quiet again the auger makes an awful squeal. I don't know where it...
  24. bworre71

    What are FINES

    I have been doing some reading in regards to "FINES" with pellets..... my auger is getting clogged and FINES has been coming up....... how do I know what the FINE is of the pellets I am burning..... what is better a low number or a high one....... so confused and frustrated so I am not sure.....
  25. bworre71

    Westpoint Frustration

    Good Morning, looking for some suggestions My Stove is driving me bananas I kept breaking hitch pins clogging up and burning out motors. I recently upgraded to the Nylatron Upgraded Bearing, wire brushed everything and I am still getting clogs. My stove does not like hardwood pellets, so I...
  26. Y

    Mount Vernon Quadfire Stove Problem

    1) The auger motor quit running. I tested the motor its fine. I jumped the vacuum switch, fine, tested snap disk #2, fine, replaced anyhow so I decided it was the control box. I replaced that still no auger.If I put the control box to test mode everything tests fine, both fans, auger motor and...
  27. W

    Whitfield when auger is on blower goes off

    We have an old Whitfield advantage ii-t pellet stove. We notice about half of the time when the auger turns on, the blower turns off. As soon as the auger turns off, the blower usually turns on. Any suggestions?
  28. H

    Whitfield Advantage II auger motor runs only exaust fan off

    I have an Advantage 2 pellet stove. The auger stoped turning. After performing te variouz tests I determined that the auger motor only runs if the exaust fan is out of the circuit. I unpluged it using the connector. Any suggestions? Control panel. Thanks Louis
  29. J

    Kozi 100 XL Auger Not Turning

    I have a Kozi 100 XL and the auger not turning. I have replaced the removed the auger to check for anything that might be blocking it, and found nothing. I replaced the auger motor and it still doesn't work. I need some suggestions on what to try next.
  30. D

    Dell-Point Europa 75 - feed auger motor loose

    Have used the Europa every winter since 2007 with really no issues. Once you have the right pellet--it likes a clean pellet, I use a softwood/hardwood mix from Michigan called Kirtland--it burns well. This year we have run into our first problem. The feed auger and motor are loose. The whole...