Troubleshooting auger motor

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Jan 14, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have a Drolet Eco 45 which stopped feeding pellets. I removed the motor and auger and vacuumed everything. The auger is clear and free of debris but when I apply power to the motor and press the "feed" button I only get a low hum. Nothing turns. I've also done this with the motor disconnected from the auger and the motor does not turn.

Should I just get a new auger motor or is there something else I could check?

Sounds like you need a new motor
To make sure disconnect the wiring to the motor and feed it 120 volts
make sure you unplug your stove first
If the motor works it is something else if not replace motor
You could try oiling the bushings/bearings in the motor. Mine was very sluggish, but few drops of oil in the bushings cured it.
Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try tonight. Quick question; should I be able to turn the motor by hand? I tried turning the part which connects to the auger but it won't budge.
No you won’t turn by hand, it is a gear box designed to raise the torque of the motor to turn the shaft.
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