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  1. J

    Pleasant Hearth Auger Woes

    Hello! My name is Jason. This is my first post. I just purchased my first home, and it came with a Pleasant Hearth PH50CABPS. Before trying to fire the stove for the first time, I read the manual and thoroughly cleaned the entire unit. This included removing the pellets from the hopper and...
  2. D

    Harman P61-2 Blower Fan and auger motor cutting out

    Just what the title says. The blower fan cuts out randomly on Stove Temp High. Auger motor isn't burnt - in test mode everything fires up. ESP is clean, combustion and blower fan have been replaced recently. What about the pressure sensor? Haven't swapped that out. Any electrical wizards...
  3. N

    Harman Accentra 52i auger replacement

    Greetings from New York. I have been searching but have not had luck locating instructions on replacing the auger on my Accentra 52i. Can someone assist with instructions on replacing the auger on this stove? I appreciate any direction provided. Thank you
  4. S

    Need help with my englander stove

    Hey guys, I'm having a great stream of "good" luck! So my englander pellet stove is giving me an issue. I just got done cleaning the stove to the best I can. The pipe I cleaned as well. I had to stop because my vacuum over heated but I tried restarting the stove and now the top auger motor...
  5. F

    Harman PF100 - Auger Motor not Feeding Enough Pellets

    Hi everyone, We just replaced the control board and had a week of decent operation. Today, the six-blink status light crept up again and I can tell that the auger motor is only running for 20-odd seconds when it should be running for 60 seconds on the max feed setting. This leads to a six-blink...
  6. maraakate

    Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Auger Lubrication?

    I know that practically all the books for these stoves say that lubricating the motors are unnecessary however considering my model is from 2006 I'd imagine it can't hurt. I do recall Sidecarflip and others mentioning they lube theirs with 3-in-1/SAE20. I'd like to attempt this on my Santa Fe...
  7. D

    Auger Motor inconsistent voltage

    Hi All: I’ve been using a Regency GFI55 for a couple years now. Last year mid-season, the stove was having issues so I replaced the auger motor and all was well (or seemed well). Same problem started again, but with more troubleshooting, deeper cleaning and more focus. Randomly the auger...
  8. J

    Could it be the Control Board? Inconsistencies in Pellet Feed on Englander 25PDVC-55SHP10

    For quite awhile, I was having trouble with my Auger Motor speeds, due to having incorrect motors. Finally got it swapped out & the stove was running like a CHARM for a solid month. Somewhere along the line, it started running hot again. This happened following a routine shutdown & cleaning. I...
  9. T

    Enviro EF2 not working.. tried everything (I think)

    Hi first post here, saw a lot of great info and hope someone can help. I bought a house and it has an Enviro EF2 FS pellet stove. This is my first time dealing with any kind of stove. The auger motor is not getting power. Replaced the motor, dial-a-fire switch, and timing board with a 3second...
  10. C

    Harman P43 Squeak and Combustion Blower Shutoff

    Hello everyone. I'm new to posting but have used this site in the past to troubleshoot. I have two issues going on with my stove that may or may not be related. 1. My Harman P43 has been squeaking like crazy for months. For a while I could get it to stop by turning the temp all the way up for a...
  11. O

    EF2 Auger Issues

    Hi guys, Long time lurker with pellet stove issues but new account/poster! I have an EF2 pellet stove from 1995, with the dial-a-fire analog control etc. I have a new problem where the auger will stop spinning and feeding the fire and it goes out... I've taken the entire thing apart...
  12. S

    Mt Vernon Auger Jam help!

    Hello, I have a Mt Vernon Ae Pellet Fireplace. Recently recieved a “Auger Jam” error code. We took apart the auger and did not locate any buildup/jam of pellets. Also, question about the auger motor I supposed to be able to turn the auger with my hand? I was unable to twist it with...
  13. C

    Troubleshooting auger motor

    Hello everyone, I have a Drolet Eco 45 which stopped feeding pellets. I removed the motor and auger and vacuumed everything. The auger is clear and free of debris but when I apply power to the motor and press the "feed" button I only get a low hum. Nothing turns. I've also done this with the...
  14. M

    Auger Motor and Flanged Bearing Question

    Hello, I have 2 of the Hearthstone soapstone pellet stoves, 1 in the basement, and 1 in the living room that we use the most. Now on the coldest week of the year in upstate NY the one in the living room auger bearings went making a loud squealing sound. Not one of the dealers will even make sm...
  15. ultrabop

    Auger not feeding--Europa 75

    Hi guys! Yeah, the auger is not feeding automatically, after the pot burns down, and I checked the fuses, changed one, and still not feeding, so am thinking it's the motor. My question is, what's the best way to access the thing, do I have to pull the stove out from the wall? Or can it be...
  16. G

    Englander Pellet Stove 25-IP Auger not turning

    I have an Englander Pellet Stove 25-IP. When I turn it ON the fans start but the pellets don't feed down. So far I have: cleaned all pipes/vents inside and outside, cleaned the fan, removed the motor and auger to make sure there is no jam or dust, changed the vacuum switch, and cleaned the...
  17. keith0

    Dell Point Feed auger motor europa 75 REPACEMENT NEEDED

    Need a Auger motor for my DELL POINT EUROPA 75 , Keith in Kansas
  18. Don2222

    Harman P68 - 4 RPM or 6 RPM Feed Motor - Which is better?

    Hello I have worked on older 4s and newer 6s installed in P68s but what is the difference? Does the 6 RPM put out more heat? Four of the Dip switches on the Circuit Board sets the feed motor for the correct charge of pellets to the burn pot at startup and other differences but is there any...