Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Auger Lubrication?

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Sep 27, 2021
Lancaster, PA
I know that practically all the books for these stoves say that lubricating the motors are unnecessary however considering my model is from 2006 I'd imagine it can't hurt. I do recall Sidecarflip and others mentioning they lube theirs with 3-in-1/SAE20. I'd like to attempt this on my Santa Fe unit.

Looking at the exploded diagram I am unsure of what to lube and where exactly and if a replacement gasket will be needed.

Attached is a diagram below. Do I just remove the 4 screws holding the feed motor and lube inside this area? Is replacing the nylon bearing necessary or is it probably OK? Auger is working fine, but I bought this as a used unit so previous maintenance history is unknown.

33.2 is the motor, you can try to oil the bearings the nylon bushing is better off dry.
Bearing inside 33.2? Will gasket 33.5 need replaced if I remove the 4 screws for the motor housing?
No i have reused them as long as they are not fubar’d
Haven't gotten around to this yet, but for clarity (sorry if these seem like dumb questions I just want to take apart the right things without making it more complicated):

I found a picture of a new unit

Basically, I remove the 4 outer screws (not shown in this picture) then pull the assembly out slightly enough to expose the collar (part 33.3 in the previous diagram) AND/OR 33.7 set screw (whichever is exposed on the shaft assembly first) and loosen that set screw. This will avoid me having to pull the entire auger assembly (and not having to empty the entire hopper)? This exact component shown above, part 812-4421 should be the only thing that comes out. I then remove that top center screw (theres a bottom center screw not shown in this picture need to remove that as well) and the top cover comes off. Inside there should be some sort of bearing. Unknown if it is a steel sealed bearing, exposed roller, or rubber seal (which is removable if careful) bearing? If it's exposed or rubber I should be able to add some 3 in 1/SAE20 to it and put it all back together. If it's steel I would have to very careful make a tiny hole somewhere enough to use a syringe needle to pump the oil into it and ideally you would solder that hole closed, but I guess it doesn't really matter so much.

Thanks in advance. Sorry if the questions seem a bit silly, but I've learned from doing autobody and some DIY mechanics over the years that it pays to stop, look at what your doing, read the manual if available, and go slow. Otherwise you can make the job 10 times harder and spend more money because you made a mistake, got ham handed and/or did it all in a hurry.