Auger Motor and Flanged Bearing Question

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Dec 1, 2013
Oswego, NY

I have 2 of the Hearthstone soapstone pellet stoves, 1 in the basement, and 1 in the living room that we use the most. Now on the coldest week of the year in upstate NY the one in the living room auger bearings went making a loud squealing sound. Not one of the dealers will even make sm attempt to work on it especially the one in Auburn, NY which is about 1 hour from my house. Other dealers will not make an attempt to work on it therefore it has become my problem to fix a stove that is only 5 years old.

So, I called Hearthstone and spoke to Ray and provided me a confirmation that it was the bearings and they would walk me through the process to replace them. I ordered the parts and will attempt the fix later this week. This has been the only hiccup with my stoves and I do like the look of the 2 stoves in the house but the lack of dealer support and no longer selling the stoves to the pellet market is making me second guess my purchases.

If I cannot get the stove up and running I will be likely to sell both.

Update: I contacted Hearthstone and they sent me 2 bearings/bushing the upper and lower section by the auger. They looked used and dirty but I installed them with some high temp grease/lube and it was quiet for about 1 week. Now it started up again with the squeaky sound coming near the auger motor and tore it apart again. I contacted Hearthstone and they stated to use anti-seize lubricant and I added the new anti-seize put it all back together with the noise not as prevalent but still there.

I don't have the older flanged bushing and was wondering if anyone knows the measurements of each? Also does anyone have any suggestions on a auger motor that will work instead of purchasing a 500 dollar Beger Lahr Scheider Electric RSM63/8fg?

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The bearings may have an industry standard number on them. If so, they should be readily available.
I will try to help.First off,I love the stone work of these stoves,they assembled some near me,but,mostly wood stoves,out here.The Hearthstone pellet stove is the AMC of pellet stoves,they bought other manufacturers parts and incorporated them into their unit,they only made them a few years.I think they never got the programming proper,for the change of the stove,maybe why they only made them a few years.The pellet supply system is austroflamm/rika.The auger bushings were bronze oil impregnated,upper and lower.They are metric sized.The hearthstones used the high dollar rika insert auger motor,but,a cheaper free standing motor will work fine.The upper bushing should always be a bronze bushing,the lower would be better if it was hi temp plastic/nylatron,but have never seen one,as it is metric.20 weight synthetic motor oil is very good for these bushings.You also want to check for any buildup,in the auger tube,for carbon,creates problems.Also,as euorpean wood pellets are way cleaner than what we get,the "dust" "fines" are way more critical,can make the auger drag/whine/squeal,I actually burned up an auger bushing,and the motor,from cheap pellets,many years ago.Basically,rika integra parts fit your burn system.The programming,I do not know about,that seems to be where Hearthstone failed.Yes,I still have my Integra,ran it for 6 hours today,to warm my basement,so I could paint some parts.It only gets high dollar pellets(north idaho)whereas I dump anything in my upstairs Harman,it burns anything.Hope this helps,will leave you some links.Stay warm.
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