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  1. R

    Side door hinge Hearthstone Heritage Model 8021

    Just like everybody else I'm asking about the pins on the side door. They keep riding up. I've replaced the pins. Nothing helps. Has anybody taken out the pins and put in a nut and bolt to hold the door to the stove as opposed to the pins?
  2. M

    Old heritage energy systems stove handle replacement options

    Hi all. I recently picked up a very large. Very old heritage energy systems wood stove. It does not have a tag on it. But does have a large glass door and seems to be a fairly common old stove. I plan to install it at my cabin. Problem is the guy I got it from is an HVAC guy that removed...
  3. T

    Ashley Heritage 5700 questions.

    Hello everyone, New to this forum, not new to forum etiquette. I have searched and searched to no avail... There is not very much info on my stove. I have worked with my general knowledge of things and applied common sense to link other stove solutions to mine but still have a few questions I...
  4. M

    Auger Motor and Flanged Bearing Question

    Hello, I have 2 of the Hearthstone soapstone pellet stoves, 1 in the basement, and 1 in the living room that we use the most. Now on the coldest week of the year in upstate NY the one in the living room auger bearings went making a loud squealing sound. Not one of the dealers will even make sm...
  5. Sheeppdog

    Hearthstone Heritage Warranty? Anyone had an issue with cast hinges?

    I'm brand new to the forum and am so thankful how helpful it has been since my first install. I just purchased my second Hearthstone (love them). It was a barely used dealer inspected/returned 2006 Heritage (8021). I'm in the process of building my hearth per code and ran into a big issue...
  6. K

    Hearthstone Heritage 8021

    THello, My husband and I just purchased a 9 year old, used Hearthstone Heritage 8021 in soap stone and sea foam green. When moving the stove, we disconnected the handle on the ash door so it would not break. Now, we have tried for a total of 3 hours to reattach the door appropriately. I have...