Englander 25PVDC Augers and Auger Motors

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May 8, 2007
Saugerties, NY
Hi all, yet another Englander question. Actually about 2 separate stoves.

My sister in law has a dead pellet stove in her back room, she finally let me look at it after never calling the service guy. It had what looks like the upper auger motor replaced recently (found the old one sitting on the floor next to it), but it doesn't feed. I fiddled with it and figured out that the lower auger seems to be frozen...she said the repair guy told her it needed that motor replaced too, but I'm not confident in his diagnosis as the lower auger is frozen solid...can't move it by rotating the motor assembly, doesn't have any give at all in the bore. I ordered a motor regardless because between her stove and mine we have 4 of them, so its good to have a spare if needed during the winter, but I clearly have more to address here and her auger motor might be ok. Any tips or common issues/failure points with the lower augers on these stoves that I should be looking for? I noticed both augers seem to have zerk fittings and the dust covers are very heavily covered with dust, so its entirely possible they've never been re-greased in the 4-5 years they've operated this stove, is normal automotive grease the right stuff here?

On to the second auger question on my home stove. My upper auger seems to enjoy jamming on me at startup. When it happens I have to empty the hopper, clear any obstruction of pellets around the auger, stop and restart and it goes just fine from then on. Doesn't do it every time, I'd say a couple times a week, with me shutting the stove off twice a day because its not yet cold enough to run it around the clock. This morning however it was very stubborn and just didn't want to start, took awhile but it finally did. I could see once in a great while jamming, but this seems far too frequent for, does this indicate maybe a weakening auger motor and I should order one now for when it eventually won't start? Does the auger maybe need to be removed, cleaned and realigned? Any other ideas?
Problem #1: If you unbolt the motor from the stove, does it move then? Chances are its either rusted or jammed. Once out you could clean it and lube with some graphite or something similar. As for the grease you want something meant for high temps. Did you try swapping feeds to the motors, just in case?

#2: It could be getting weak. Are you using a new type of pellet that might be longer and therefore causing jams? You could try to lube it as I mentioned above. Another thing I like to do (that I'm now reminding myself to do!) is rotate my auger motors. As one (top) runs intermittently and the other (bottom) runs constantly, its good to "load share" to even out usage and wear.

Thanks for your reply Eric.

1 - didn't have my tools handy so I was unable to disassemble anything yet. I ordered a replacement auger motor due in on Friday so Saturday I'll go back and see if I can get it all apart. Swapping feeds sounds like a good idea, but neither auger is moving right now, it could be due to the lower jam or another problem altogether. I'll start with disassembly and go from there. Good idea on the graphite and I'll see about some high temp grease...automotive wheel bearing grease maybe?

2 - The stove is new to me this year, I've got maybe a dozen bags through it, two brands and I've been using the lower heat bags for now while its still relatively warm. I thought it might be the pellets, or I might have an accumulation of dust getting in there as one of the bags did have a wet spot from outside storage and a small tear...I tried to discard the sawdust but no doubt some got in there. Swapping the motors here is a good idea, I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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Report back what you find. We can give you ideas (vacuum switches, hopper switch, etc) from there.