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New Member
Jan 22, 2019
Hi guys,

Long time lurker with pellet stove issues but new account/poster!

I have an EF2 pellet stove from 1995, with the dial-a-fire analog control etc.

I have a new problem where the auger will stop spinning and feeding the fire and it goes out...

I've taken the entire thing apart yesterday thinking the auger was stuck as it wasn't turning and I could not turn the motor by hand. Got the auger all cleaned out, tested the pulse timer output module with my meter which tested good, potentiometer tested good, thermostats good, motor worked fine when I had it in my hand and tried to stop it and it had the torque to go through my hands...

And the auger once I got it out looks fine. The bushings look fine but I don't know how to tell if they need to be replaced?

Now I've come to the conclusion that once I put too many pellets in the hopper, the motor can't turn the auger and therefore it doesn't feed and that's obviously why it is going out. If I only put in a hand full at a time it seems to feed without any issues, I had it going for hours last night, thought it was fixed, so filled up the hopper when I went to bed and it was out in the morning.

Is it normal to have the bushing where the auger fits through the plate to be greased? It had no grease I saw when I took it apart and I did not regrease it when putting it back together. I'm going to try a silicone grease on it today on the bushing for the auger but I'm not sure if that will work.

Has anyone had a similar issue at some point? And how can I tell if the bushings are gone/worn out? They just look like a piece of metal to me so I can't really tell... I am thinking it's either the bushings, grease needed, or the auger motor is having issues and I need a new one. I took apart the motor gearbox and it all seemed fine; usually a motor either works or doesn't and this one works but just can't put out enough torque when the hopper is full of pellets.

Thanks for any help
I would replace the auger motor. After years of heat and use the windings can degrade and the motor just gets weak. The bushing still may be fine. It is one of the least expensive items to replace.
When you start your stove does the auger turn and the fire start ?
After it starts does the auger stop after about 15 min and the fire goes out ?
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses, Ssyko I believe it is actually the original auger motor so it's 23 years old now so you could definitely be right on it wearing out

Johneh, I have to fill the burn pot with my hand and light it with a match as the ignitor doesn't work but the augur WILL turn as long as there's only a small amount of pellets in the hopper in at a time. As soon as I fill the hopper up (it can hold almost a 40 lbs bag) it stops working as well and eventually stops and no pellets fall out and it goes out. I didn't make this correlation before I took it apart until last night, makes sense why I had it going before I took it apart with little pellets then every time I put more pellets in it'd go out again.

I had it running for hours last night with the hopper around 1/4 full, as soon as I filled it up and went to bed it looks like it went out.

I don't want to replace both parts if I don't have to, for me to get either part they are almost $100 each; I'm thinking the motor but don't want to make a wrong assumpting and end up spending $500 to fix it!

From what you are saying I think I would try an Auger motor
But not being there I can't prove it but it sounds like it is the most likely cause
And Welcome to the Forum
Thanks! That's what I think so too, I just put in an order for a replacement auger motor, it's supposed to be -10C this week so I'll have to burn the electric till it gets here but I'm really hoping that's the issue. By the sounds of it that is the case.

On the bright side I now know all the parts and how to repair/replace them all and what all of them do to my stove :) I only knew how to clean it before.

Original auger bushings, these should be oil-impregnated bronze. Means there is oil trapped in tiny pores throughout the bushing material that slowly releases as it is used. Manually greasing an oil-impregnated bronze bushing will clog its pores, rendering its self-lubricating feature useless.

I too, vote for replacing the auger motor. They do wear and bind as they age. Even if that is not the problem, it is good to have a spare. Make sure you order the correct rotation direction and rpm (1 RPM IIRC).