Harman PF100 - Auger Motor not Feeding Enough Pellets

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Mar 17, 2022
Hi everyone,

We just replaced the control board and had a week of decent operation. Today, the six-blink status light crept up again and I can tell that the auger motor is only running for 20-odd seconds when it should be running for 60 seconds on the max feed setting. This leads to a six-blink status because the unit is not reaching the min. operating temperature.

Before replacing the control board, the auger motor was not running for the amount of time that it should've been. The service tech replaced the control board and it solved the issue for all of 7 days. Is there any else that could cause the control board to only run the auger motor for 20 seconds instead of the max 60?

We picked up this used pf100 last fall to heat our greenhouse. It's been a rollercoaster this past week getting the furnace to run properly. Learning a lot about these units.

I appreciate your thoughts on this.
Harman PF100 - Auger Motor not Feeding Enough Pellets

Check to see what the DIP switches are set to.

So it sounds like the unit is not starting up for you. You could try to set switches 1,2,3 to a different setting to increase the amount of pellets being loaded into the burnpot for startup.
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