Mt Vernon Auger Jam help!

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Jan 14, 2019
Hello, I have a Mt Vernon Ae Pellet Fireplace. Recently recieved a “Auger Jam” error code. We took apart the auger and did not locate any buildup/jam of pellets. Also, question about the auger motor I supposed to be able to turn the auger with my hand? I was unable to twist it with my hand, is that a sign my motor is bad?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, we have been trying to locate the source of the problem with no luck! We are trying to determine what the problem may be, and what we need to order to replace. Thank you!
Need to know what year stove and what revision control board you have. There is a optical sensor that sits on the auger motor, straddling the disc with the holes in it. It senses the holes to see if auger is turning. This can get dirty. Wipe off the sensor and see if that helps. Auger can be a bit hard to turn, but can be done. May need a new optical sensor, or auger motor, or bad harness. Need that other info to help more. kap
Thank you for your response. We purchased it in 2009, and I’m uploading a picture of the control board information. Today, we cleaned the sensors, made sure all the wires were not damaged and connected. However, we are still getting the error message. Please let me know if you have anymore suggestions on what to do next. Thanks!


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Boils down to optical sensor, or the motor then. kap