auger jam

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  1. M

    Ravelli RV80 C - Auger not spinning

    First time poster here hope it makes sense: I have inherited the maintenance and service calls for Moms RV80 whenever it won't light or there is a code thrown. I'm pretty handy so it has been somewhat easy to figure out how the stove operates. Over the past couple months I have educated myself...
  2. G

    American Harvest 6039 auger keeps shifting to side

    We have an American harvest 6039, last year the auger would shift and hit the wall and stop feeding. We had the auger motor replaced by a technician the auger isn’t bent but it’ll feed 4 to 5 times then shift against the wall and that’s it we’ll clean it out and does it again. We’re new to this...
  3. P

    Harman Advance hopper fire (chain drive auger)

    Hello! My Harman Advance stopped sometime during the night. No blinking lights in the morning. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it came on just like normal. We were sitting around and my wife noticed a burning smell. Like electrical. We always look for fire. Noticed a very small amount...
  4. SonsofNutmeg

    Stove Auger has a “Reeling” Sound?

    Hi all. Anyone know what this might be? My 5 year old USSC 5660 pellet stove just started to have this “reeling” sound from the auger from time to time. I’m guessing this is when it’s dropping fuel down into the burn pot. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  5. S

    Mt Vernon Auger Jam help!

    Hello, I have a Mt Vernon Ae Pellet Fireplace. Recently recieved a “Auger Jam” error code. We took apart the auger and did not locate any buildup/jam of pellets. Also, question about the auger motor I supposed to be able to turn the auger with my hand? I was unable to twist it with...
  6. G

    Mt Vernon ae auger jam. Help!!!

    I currently have a mount Vernon ae stove. Has been running great till recently. I have replaced literally everything on the back of the stove except for the mother board. After an auger jam it seems to only want to start up after I throw a handful of pellets in. I am currently running a high...
  7. K

    Quadra fire MT Vernon AE Auger Issues

    2010 MT Vernon AE. I was getting a consistent auger jam message so I pulled the auger assembly, cleared chute, etc. The motor was working so I was baffled until after many startup attempts I noticed the auger was turning in reverse the entire time. I checked the pressure switch, good, broke...
  8. D

    Mt Vernon auger jam

    I have a Quadrafire Mt Vernon pellet stove with a persistent problem with auger jam error messages. I have replaced the auger motor, cleaned the chute, cleaned the optical sensor and even replaced it. It seems about every 5-8 starts I hear a grinding sound and the auger jam error occurs. The...
  9. J

    Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE - Auger Jam

    Hey everyone, I've got a freestanding Mt Vernon pellet stove that has been giving me an Auger Jam error. I've taken the assembly apart and cleaned everything out, including cleaning the optical sensor. I put everything back together and the stove ran (including the auger motor) for about 10...
  10. R

    Auger problem-won't spin!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and could really use some help. I have a 2015 enviro ef2i installed last year. Worked well all season, and while I don't care for the analog controls, it kept us warm all last winter. Anyway- I went to fire it up today, but the pellets weren't dropping into the burn...
  11. P

    Mt. Vernon problems

    Hi, I am a new member and was hoping I could get some advise before spending a fortune for a tech. Owner of a Quadra-fire Mt. Vernon. Have had since 2011. No problems in the past, yippee! Had the stove turned to a different angle so more heat went into sitting area. This was done by the store...