Ravelli RV80 C - Auger not spinning

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Dec 4, 2022
First time poster here hope it makes sense:

I have inherited the maintenance and service calls for Moms RV80 whenever it won't light or there is a code thrown. I'm pretty handy so it has been somewhat easy to figure out how the stove operates. Over the past couple months I have educated myself here (Thanks to all) and on the web regarding the operation and control panel.

The latest service call from Mom today ("It just wont start anymore") included through cleaning of the fire/ash chamber/pot and reopening all the holes in the fire pot with a properly sized drift punch and rubber mallet (worked great) and attempted restart.

There was no pellets feeding during the restart so I realized I may need to load the auger and set that code on the the control panel. I could hear the auger motor try and turn then release as though a limit switch was being activated because the auger was bound. I confirmed this by removing the tiles from the side and could see the motor cycling then releasing until I stopped the auger loading function with the control panel.

I then removed an access panel on the back of the stove which then emptied the hopper (what a mess) and exposed the bottom of the auger. I reconfirmed the cycling as described above. I noticed another access panel inside the hopper that appears to expose the rest of the auger. If I remove that panel I should be able to clear any jam that apparently is stopping the auger from spinning. Right?

I have attached a short video showing the auger motor cycling as well as the additional access panel I saw inside the hopper. I'm going to return and remove that access panel and I was wondering if there was a recommendation to replace the sealant that appears to be on it? RTV?

Has anyone had a jammed auger before?


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Yes, it appears you have a jammed auger.

Get a long metal skewer (like for cooking) and try to clear the jam from the firebox side, by repeatably poking at the top of the drop tube. If that doesn't work, take off the long panel to find the issue. If it has some sealant at the joint, clean it off and use red high temp RTV (auto parts store) to reseal it.

Don't keep running the motor if it is still jammed, you could strip a gear in the gearbox.
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