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    Ravelli RV80 C - Auger not spinning

    First time poster here hope it makes sense: I have inherited the maintenance and service calls for Moms RV80 whenever it won't light or there is a code thrown. I'm pretty handy so it has been somewhat easy to figure out how the stove operates. Over the past couple months I have educated myself...
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    Ravelli RV80 Display Problems

    Hello Everyone, I have an Ravelli RV80 pellet stove, the house came with it. It worked all last season, but towards the end had some firing up issues. No problem, made it thru ... fast forward... cleaned chimney out for the first time this weekend (now I understand the issues!). Cleaning went...
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    Ravelli RV80 blower problem

    Hello, I'm new here and am having a problem with my Ravelli RV80. Ive had it 3 seasons now and never had a problem. I first notice the when the stove displayed " hot smokes " and my first reaction was to clean all the exhaust piping and throughly clean the stove. I did so and still had the...