Mt. Vernon problems

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Jan 8, 2016
Hi, I am a new member and was hoping I could get some advise before spending a fortune for a tech.
Owner of a Quadra-fire Mt. Vernon. Have had since 2011. No problems in the past, yippee! Had the stove turned to a different angle so more heat went into sitting area. This was done by the store we purchased the stove from. So a pipe was added and stove was working great. About a week later I started getting Auger jammed messages. Learned to remove auger and clean out from a you tube video. Very helpful I might add! Worked for a while but continue to get message sporadically. Have unplugged the stove so many times for a reset. NOW, I am getting Bad TC Firepot messages. So, is there any way when the stove was moved that wires became loose or is this a coincidence and I do need to a tech?? It has become a game to see if we have a fire or a message. Help! Please!
Have you talked to the store to see if they would own part of this dilemma since they moved it only a week ago? You can check the optical sensor to make sure it is clear of any dust, blocking the sensor, for your auger jam code. For the tc code,make sure the firepot tc is touching the inside end of the ceramic cover for a good reading. Could also remove cover to make sure there isn't a lot of ash in it, insulating the firepot tc, and then make sure the end of the tc is in good shape. If you are good at technical, I can give info on pulling connection and making sure the female connector pins are tight enough for a good fit, and can push them tighter with a thumb tac, or big needle. kap
Thanks so much, I have only removed the auger by removing the one screw on top so the unit comes out as one piece. Do I need to remove the 4 screws to get to the sensor? If so, they are crazy tight. Any suggestions. Also, is the tc the little tube that sits on top of the firepot? Thanks for all your help. I want to be able to fix this myself and am willing to try, just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. Thanks again!
The sensor sits over the disc with the holes in it. The lens can get covered with dust. Yes, the tube is the ceramic cover for the firepot thermocouple. Be careful as it is ceramic(similar to glass), and can be broken. And be careful with wire connections as they are fragile. Make sure you check with your owners manual in issues also. Lots of info in there. kap
Any chance this is a leveling issue, contributing to a jam? Don't see how that could affect TC though...
Thanks, I will check the level of the stove.
We are still dealing with occasional auger jams and tc firepot notices. Sometimes it resets and runs just fine for hours and other times it needs to be unplugged. What do you mean by taking off the cover of the tc? I wasn't aware that could be done.
Thanks for all of your help. I will keep you posted.
The ceramic cover is what is sticking into the firepot. It covers the end of the firepot thermocouple. Also at the other end of the firepot thermocouple wire harness, where it attaches to the control board, you can pull that fitting apart(be very careful as these fittings are fragile). The end of the wire harness has female connectors. You can use a thumb tack or pin to push on the O to make it smaller, so it makes a better contact on the male counter part on the control board. It is easier to remove the droptube thermocouple connector first, to have better access at the firepot thermocouple connection. Be sure on how they are removed, to put back in same place. kap
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