mt vernon ae

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  1. J

    12v Testing Autoclean and Auger motors MT Vernon

    Might anyone know which colors are 12v +/- on the autoclean and auger motors of the Mt Vernon. I need to test my autoclean motor and it has Black, White, Red and Yellow. I don't want to ruin it by applying power incorrectly but want to understand if the motor is good or not. I get no errors...
  2. PeenyBunslinger

    Another 'Bad TC Firepot' Thread - With a twist

    I am having the exact same issue as this thread. I have tried two brand new aftermarket tc's from because the OEM was out of stock. Tried the reverse polarity trick on both of them...
  3. vinnymac

    Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE failure to ignite

    Hello Hearth I've recently come into possession of a Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE Pellet Stove that was purchased in 2007. The pellet stove has been operating fairly normally for the last three weeks, with an occasional `Vaccum Sw Error`. I've cleaned the entire pellet stove top to bottom, and read...
  4. Coolericsir

    My MT Vernon AE woes

    Hey y’all, I just discovered this place and wish I had a year ago. I was given my Mt Vernon AE last year so I figured a $4300 stove was a pretty good score for free. From the first time I’ve ever fired it up the dang thing shocks me. I’ve been all through it looking for shorts and I’ve found...
  5. E

    Mt Vernon AE tripping house breaker

    I've had a Mt Vernon AE for 2 years now. We bought it 2nd hand and have been learning the ropes of maintenance & repairs as we go. We replaced the ignitor the first year, the comb blower last winter and the thermocouple most recently in the spring and shut it down for the summer. We turned it...
  6. S

    Mt Vernon Auger Jam help!

    Hello, I have a Mt Vernon Ae Pellet Fireplace. Recently recieved a “Auger Jam” error code. We took apart the auger and did not locate any buildup/jam of pellets. Also, question about the auger motor I supposed to be able to turn the auger with my hand? I was unable to twist it with...
  7. G

    Mt Vernon ae auger jam. Help!!!

    I currently have a mount Vernon ae stove. Has been running great till recently. I have replaced literally everything on the back of the stove except for the mother board. After an auger jam it seems to only want to start up after I throw a handful of pellets in. I am currently running a high...
  8. K

    Quadra fire MT Vernon AE Auger Issues

    2010 MT Vernon AE. I was getting a consistent auger jam message so I pulled the auger assembly, cleared chute, etc. The motor was working so I was baffled until after many startup attempts I noticed the auger was turning in reverse the entire time. I checked the pressure switch, good, broke...