12v Testing Autoclean and Auger motors MT Vernon

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Feb 20, 2011
Might anyone know which colors are 12v +/- on the autoclean and auger motors of the Mt Vernon. I need to test my autoclean motor and it has Black, White, Red and Yellow. I don't want to ruin it by applying power incorrectly but want to understand if the motor is good or not. I get no errors on my thermostat and the stove starts and runs just fine. It is not entering autoclean mode at any time and only reporting it for a second on the display between shutdown and startup. Even unplugging the unit will not trigger it to autoclean. Trying to determine what the issue it. Replaced firepot thermocouple thinking it was giving a hot reading and preventing the clean cycle but that didnt solve the problem. Again the stove lights and runs just fine but never cleans itself so the pot gets plugged up.
There are no wiring diagrams available that I could find. Quadrafire does not want the customer working on the stoves. If the auto clean motor does not operate replace it. No codes will show as the computer board can not see that the motor did what it was told to do. I came across and auger motor that did not throw a code but it was bound up and hard to turn.
Thanks for the reply. Frustrating how QF makes things difficult. Mine will auto clean on occasion but not each cycle as it should. This leads me to think my motor and switch are working fine and there is something else in the auto clean logic not giving an accurate signal. Will keep limping it along and cleaning manually. Pulling the motor assembly out appears to be a huge pain in the rear!
You could always get the make / model off of the motor and see if you can find a wiring diagram from the manufacturer (not QF).