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  1. J

    12v Testing Autoclean and Auger motors MT Vernon

    Might anyone know which colors are 12v +/- on the autoclean and auger motors of the Mt Vernon. I need to test my autoclean motor and it has Black, White, Red and Yellow. I don't want to ruin it by applying power incorrectly but want to understand if the motor is good or not. I get no errors...
  2. J

    Never Autocleans

    Mr Vernon insert. It is not calling for autoclean ever. This for obvious reasons makes for a plugged burn pot. Even unplugging the unit to reset it will not call for autoclean. Strangest thing. No other errors reported though I often see the nearly empty hopper icon on the display but the...
  3. O

    Mt Vernon burnpot door won't close completely in autoclean cycle

    Hi All, I bought my Mt. Vernon in November 2013 and since then had little problems with it. I clean it weekly and then clean the whole system every summer. I burn Turman pellets. Starting at the beginning of this season, I've noticed that the burnpot door doesn't close completely when an...