2007 Mt. Vernon AE

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New Member
Feb 15, 2024
I know it has been discussed but I am hoping someone will have some ideas. My 2007 Mt. Vernon AE is giving me the "Auger Jammed" error and will only turn backwards. There is no jam, I tried new motor, optical switch, bypassing vacuum awitch, checked snap disk. Is there anything else I am missing before I do a control board? It is the original board. (Can't remember the exact numbers but, it is NOT the srv 7000-456) TIA.
I unfortunately do not have any real useful debugging information for you, but I can tell you that the bergquist 450-15-0031 board is the same as the srv 7000-456.

Given that it will turn backwards it is not a failed motor, the augur motor is a 12VDC unit and would not turn either direction if that were the case. I would expect the control board to contain a standard H-bridge so it is not a shorted H-bridge either as it would either burn up the board or blow the fuse in forward mode. It may be an open transistor in the H-bridge however, or possibly a sensor, sensor cable, or firmware issue.

You already looked through the Quadra-Fire Mount Vernon Troubleshooting manual, I assume? Your steps so far sound like you have, but just want to make sure. Most of the steps you listed are on page 12, if you haven't already beaten me to it, take a look at that. It's right here: https://tallpinesfarm.com/assets/Quadra-Fire-Mt-Vernon-Troubleshooting-Manual.pdf