1. Dana Kayal

    Low heat output Drolet ECO 65

    I have an Enviro EF-V & a Drolet Eco65 & struggling hard. I had poor heat last year when I replaced my Enviro with my Drolet. I blamed it on the pellets or wondered if I was my imagination that I got way more heat out of the enviro. The manufacturer thus far has been no help & the local pellet...
  2. 1

    Drolet heatpro installation help

    Hello there! I Recently purchased a Drolet Heatpro wood furnace and was hoping to find someone that may have some experience with them. For the past few days I’ve been digging my nose into the long extensive thread discussing the Tundra and Heatmax models but some of the verbage I keep seeing...
  3. C

    Troubleshooting auger motor

    Hello everyone, I have a Drolet Eco 45 which stopped feeding pellets. I removed the motor and auger and vacuumed everything. The auger is clear and free of debris but when I apply power to the motor and press the "feed" button I only get a low hum. Nothing turns. I've also done this with the...
  4. O

    Drolet 1800 where is the air coming out?

    Greetings! Just installed a Drolet 1800 insert. I am puzzled as to where is the hot air supposed to come out from? The blower are pushing air into the inset but there is no opening to some out hot (I used to have two holes for output in my old Regency). Any ideas? Appreciated. Thank you.
  5. MINorthwoods

    Drolet Blackcomb SHOULD I BUY??

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Drolet Blackcomb model for $300. ($800-900 full price, clearanced for new models)....the firebox- 1.9 - is considerably smaller than what I currently have, but the efficiency and price can't be beat. Heats 850-1600 sq ft, my house is around 1200, open space...
  6. M

    Drolet HeatPRO reviews

    Hey guys, New to The forum. Currently in the market for a wood furnace. Been thinking hard on the Drolet Heatpro. I’ve been digging through the forum and could find much on reviews. Wondering what they compare to Newmac or Kerr? Any reviews opinions would be greatly appreciated P.S I’m also...
  7. W

    Drolet tundra Unenclosed basement?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have been reading a bunch of post about the Drolet Tundra but haven’t seen an answer to my question yet. So here it is not going to bs anybody here I’m just looking for help/answers. I am considering buying a tundra unit however I have an unenclosed...
  8. C

    Drolet Myriad - lots of coal accumulation

    I'm burning a Drolet Myriad up here in MN. I burn 24/7, enjoy it and try to get as much heat out of the stove as reasonably possible using proper burn techniques. This stove is new to me, alcove installation done by me with 4' of single wall going into 21' of 6" supervent, all a straight shot...
  9. C

    Small wood stove choices

    My husband and I just built a cabin in north central Wisconsin. About 950 sq. ft. Ranch style on a slab, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and the living room and kitchen are one big room that takes up the front half of the cabin. We are in need of a wood stove. It will be placed in the center of our...
  10. T

    Drolet ECO 65 causing high CO2 inside

    I have a Drolet Eco 65 at my cabin in Northern Saskatchewan ....... i have had it since December of 2014 .... so this is my third season ...... first season I burnt 96 bags of pellets 2 nd season 126 bags of pellets and about 25 bags so far this season. I have my stove installed in my utility...
  11. A

    Drolet Austral 2 problems

    we recently upgraded our stove from a cheap century wood burner to this huge Drolet Austral. We are however having issues with it and we've tried contacting Drolet, but they don't seem to be very helpful. Our issue here(And it may be a user issue because this is a very different stove from our...
  12. T

    need help with drolet into old fireplace

    I'm getting ready to hopefully put a drolet escape 1800i into my existing fireplace which appears to be some kind of old heatilator unit. I'm a bit confused with some of the information I've been pouring over. Is this a zero clearance? Can I fit this or another insert into this? House is about...
  13. 19glendale

    Chimney Liner Recommendations Please

    I just received my Century S244 (same firebox as the Drolet Pyropak), a small freestanding stove I'm putting in my masonry fireplace. Next, I need to get the chimney liner. From what I've read, people recommend the single wall liners with insulation versus the double wall liners, as they are...
  14. F

    Drolet Eco 65 dirty glass

    The glass on my door is about 80% covered with brown and white ash after about 8hrs of running. Asking other Drolet Eco 65 owners, is this typical for this stove? Thanks.
  15. S

    Drolet Eco 65 pellet stove - 3 years old

    Hi, I have a drolet Eco 65 with outside air kit installed in basement. It has run fine for 3 years, with the exception of having to replace the blower/fan last year, which I did. I cleaned the chimney and stove out for this year and so far have burned 8 bags of pellets. Over the weekend, I...
  16. N

    Englander 13 vs. Drolet Columbia

    Any thoughts? Both stoves fit my parameters/needs... but would like to love to get some opinions on +/- of either stove, particularly would like some feedback on the Columbia as I have found a lot of great reviews on Englander 13. Thanks.