Drolet heatpro installation help

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New Member
Apr 25, 2019
Thompsonville Michigan
Hello there! I Recently purchased a Drolet Heatpro wood furnace and was hoping to find someone that may have some experience with them.
For the past few days I’ve been digging my nose into the long extensive thread discussing the Tundra and Heatmax models but some of the verbage I keep seeing goes way above my head.
Maybe if there was a more dummied downed and simplified version of how to properly and efficiently install these furnaces would help me tremendously! I’m pretty novice when it comes to Heating and cooling but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty (and more often then not get myself into some trouble);lol
If there a list of “must have” accessories or items needed to properly install the furnace ( ie like a barometric damper, other heat controls or temperature monitors) that would be awesome to see and maybe a few pictures of how they’re installed aswell.

I’ll be installing the furnace in the basement of our old farm house and using the tile lined masonry chimney that runs through the center of the house.

Any direction and pointers are much and greatly appreciated!!
Thank you in advance!


Minister of Fire
Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
Read the manual...every page...they cover the install details pretty well.
Yes you will need a baro damper...supplyhouse.com has the best price I've found on a Fields brand baro (the good stuff) unless you luck out and find a deal on one on fleabay.
What size is the flue you are gonna use? (inside dimensions) many times those old farmhouse chimneys are a little large to work real well with a modern wood heater...they just don't waste enough heat up the flue to maintain good draft with an oversize masonry chimney...the fact that you are using an internal chimney is a plus though...cant anymore than have to drop a liner in it.

As far as additional controls...I'd set it up in factory form first, use it like that for a bit and see how it works for you before considering any mods...might work just fine as designed.

The biggest "must have" that you need to make sure it does a good job for you is to have dry wood to feed it...that mean cut/split/stacked (CSS) with a cover on the top (sides open to the wind) for a couple years...some woods, like Oak, needs more like 3 years CSS to burn well.
You will not be happy with the results if you try to use wood that is much over 20% internal moisture content (MC)...15-18% stuff burns real nice! :cool:

Some more details about your place, and how you plan to install will help us help you too...and some pics...