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    Drolet heatpro installation help

    Hello there! I Recently purchased a Drolet Heatpro wood furnace and was hoping to find someone that may have some experience with them. For the past few days I’ve been digging my nose into the long extensive thread discussing the Tundra and Heatmax models but some of the verbage I keep seeing...
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    New Furnace & Initial Setup Recommendations

    Hi everyone, first timer here but have been researching for a bit. Need some help… I have a ~3000 sq. ft. home in the snow belt of Ohio. Temps can get well below the 30s most of the winter and we see single digits pretty regularly here. My house is 100% electric. I have a wood burning...
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    Drolet HeatPRO reviews

    Hey guys, New to The forum. Currently in the market for a wood furnace. Been thinking hard on the Drolet Heatpro. I’ve been digging through the forum and could find much on reviews. Wondering what they compare to Newmac or Kerr? Any reviews opinions would be greatly appreciated P.S I’m also...