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Nov 2, 2016
Auburn, Me. 04210
Good Morning,
looking for some suggestions
My Stove is driving me bananas
I kept breaking hitch pins clogging up and burning out motors. I recently upgraded to the
Nylatron Upgraded Bearing, wire brushed everything and I am still getting clogs. My stove does not like hardwood pellets, so I bought a hard/soft mixture one, still not my normal brand...... but man I am striking out..... I dry mollyed the auger.... everything is clean.... I am still getting clogs at the top of the auger... please help..... I can't even get through a full bag without a clog...... I am open to anything so if the pellet gods are listening......
So come to find out, it was a pellet issue..... my stove is super sensitive to the pellets, that go into it..... Lowe's was out of the normal brand..... and what we got the CUT of the pellet was too long..... went to another store got different pellets and the cut was too small and too many "FINES" created sawdust..... then finally found a store with the brand we can use...... back up and running

Thank you for all your help
Glad to hear you are up and running but ... what is the "just right" brand for your stove? Kind of reminded me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears:)